2019 Capricorn Planetary Influences


Home and domestic affairs get highlighted this year for Capricorn folks. Relocation on the cards for some natives as the planets favor this through the year. As the year starts, Mars brings about some excitement in the domestic arena. The middle of the month asks you to make an important decision regarding your future course of action. Be prepared

for some kind of disappointment as the month ends.

Then February 2019 would be quite a hectic period. Investment options come in and a major expenditure is also on the cards. March favors some positive relocations and brings about success in your endeavors thanks to the planets positioned for the period. April likely to bring about some fears about your future and responsibilities. Not a good time to heed to the talks of family and friends. Listen to your inner voice.

And May brings an important person into your life, a person who moulds you into a better Cap. Health needs utmost care for the period, do not be indulgent in anything. June likely to bring about spiritual inclination. A time when you might be hoodwinked, be vigilant for trouble around. July would bring good tidings in the form a pay hike or good news from far off. August would be a good time to take a break from the rigors of life and work. Your house lord, Saturn turns direct on the 19th of August when things once again come under your control.

Career gets a big boost in September 2019. You would be able to socialize well too. But then stay away from bragging for the period. October brings in its own share of woes when a crisis is brought to your table thanks to the planetary placements for the period. Take action as and when warranted. November brings holiday planning back. Be prepared for some startling revelation by a family member. Around December, Caps are advised to stay away from the limelight.

Year 2019 promises realization of the professional dreams of many Capricorns through the period. However this would be at the cost of personal relationships. Jupiter in the watery sign of Scorpio would help you to solve some of your old family rifts. Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius help you to lay low with some spiritual pursuits and teaches you not to rest on your laurels.

As Venus and Mars join Jupiter, the married ones would see some sort of stability in year 2019 in their marriage. But then for the single ones, a committed relationship would be quite eluding for the period. Your ruler Saturn is in Leo all through 2019. This might give a temperamental nature for your off springs this year.

Capricorn folks are advised not to opt for a change of career position for the first quarter of 2019. Better wait for April, when your ruler Saturn becomes favorably posited for you. Mars in Gemini predicts a heavy inflow of finances for Caps during the period. Saturn in Leo indicates chances of a major health issue as well for some folks. Pluto in Sagittarius for the year promises long distance adventure trips for the aspiring ones. Jupiter in Capricorn would help you to overcome your personal inhibitions in the sexual front and bring out the passion and romance in you.

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