2018 Capricorn Planetary Influences


This year, Capricorn natives would be able to grow well in their personal and professional life thanks to the favorable planetary placements. You would be able to earn name, fame and repute by your sheer hard work and determination. There would be major changes in your work environment. Finances might take a beating, hence be cautious in this area all through the year.

Jupiter would be travelling through your 5th house in the first part of the year 2018. This helps you to find your true love in life and also some luck and fortune shall come for you. Those expecting a baby would get good news in this time of the year. Then from July to December Jupiter would be transiting your 6th house. This would make sure that you stay in your pink of health. One advise for this position of Jupiter is to know your personal limits and act accordingly. Do not push beyond your limits, else thing might go awry. Especially be cautious on the financial aspects.

Saturn's transit this year would be supportive to Sun and hence you would be able to stick to your priorities in life. You would be able to be more productive than before in your professional life. Also your personal life gets into a new crest. Through the course of the year, Saturn helps you to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for others to follow.

Uranus and Neptune this year continue to impact the financial state of the Capricorn natives. You might come out of your age-old traditions and customs and question their validity for modern times. This would be a hard one but it happens beyond your control.

Pluto would be travelling through your 12th house this year. This helps to release any past guilt or misdeeds of your past life. You would be lightened then and can then forge forward in life following your dreams and passions. A period of spiritual affinity is forecast for this period.

The Eclipses of year 2018 would have lasting impact on the lives of Capricorn guys. Particularly partnership relationships in personal and professional matters would be highlighted. If you are holding any grudges against your partner or spouse, then these periods would be apt times to get rid off of the same.

Release all negativity and pessimistic approach you deal with now. This would bring a massive change in the overall health of your relationships for the long term.