2020 Capricorn Planetary Influences



The planetary positions for the year 2020 would help use your talents and skills in a more remarkable hitherto unexplored way. Team work and co-operative deals would be quite remunerative particularly for the period, however some of you Caps might like to go alone. The year calls for much work and commitment on

the part of the natives all through the period.


Jupiter would be travelling through your opposite sign of Cancer from January to July 2020. This would push the Capricorn folks to their limits in the career field. You would get ample opportunities to shine in your field. You cannot go alone and only team work would pay your rich dividends. Then in August 2020, Jupiter moves over to the zodiac house of Leo. During this period the real intentions of your relationships would be uncovered. Certain lessons of life like trust and loyalty would be learned through these days. Be careful of managing your finances this period, as trouble lurks around. Be frugal, save some and you would be bailed out by Jupiter this period.


Saturn would be traversing through your house of health during year 2020. This calls for health concerns and health scares through the period. Be vigilant, adopt lifestyle changes. Get into a fitness program and follow strict diet practices to stay in good health.

Outer Planets

The outer planets of Uranus , Neptune and Pluto would be travelling the same zodiac houses as they did last year. Uranus and Neptune aid you in properly utilizing your resources. They would also change the thing that you value in life. Pluto brings to the fore some hidden motives around you and help you to realize some of life's long-lost dreams. Chiron would be traversing your sign in 2020 making it a good time for spiritual growth.


The lunar and solar eclipses of 2020 would ask for a balance between your physical and mental make-up. A good time to make major lifestyle changes that would improve your health. The eclipses would also aid you in getting rid of some bad health habits that might be haunting you for years. More effects depend on which part of your natal chart, the eclipses occur.

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