2020 Sagittarius Planetary Influences



Year 2020 offers new inspirations and opportunities for progress for Sagittarius folks. However make sure that you have chartered a clear plan before venturing on. Do focus on your ambitions and move faster and swifter, but do not be impulsive for the period as the planets are not going to support the same for the period ahead. This would be a year when

you can enjoy life and all its adventure on one go.


Your ruler Jupiter would be traversing the zodiac house of Cancer from January to July 2020. This would bring much growth on your part by means of support from outside influences. This would also be a time when some of your emotional past would visit you back. Be thankful to parents, elders and authorities who have helped you to reach your present status in life. Then in August 2020, Jupiter your ruler transits to the house of Leo. This would be a harmonious placement favoring academic pursuits, travel and spiritual ventures for the natives.


In year 2020, Saturn would be in opposition (180 deg) to your sun sign, Sage. This asks for a good balance between your relationship with your near ones and with those of the outside world. Responsibilities would over whelm you for now. Opportunities for progress come your way, do not postpone things. Hindrances and delays of sorts bother your spirits, do forge ahead, determined. You have a long way to go.

Outer Planets

The outer planets continue to stay in the houses as in the previous year all through 2020. Through the period, Uranus would alter the way to take in or process information. There would be scope for modernization or change of your approach. Neptune guides you and enhances the awareness you have and improves the way you communicate. Pluto traversing through your own house helps you in healing and gives you much power and energy to move ahead in life this year.


Year 2020 eclipses are very important for Sagittarius natives, as a Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign during December 2020. This indicates many crucial events in your life. Expect major breakthroughs around. Be cautious of your relationships as the tides are against you. You would be motivated by the eclipse energy and would make major lifestyle changes.

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