2020 Libra Planetary Influences



Libra people would be able to carve a secure and satisfied life for them this year, thanks to the planetary positions for the period. You would exert a positive influence around too. This is the ideal time to pursue academics, write something, learn a new language. Your personal ambitions would be met easily, but joy comes for you over the success of

those surrounding you. This year is all about travel and learning for Libras.


Jupiter transits your career house from January to July 2020. This would help you to expand your professional horizon through the year. Make use of the resources available around for positive development. Jupiter helps you to get into the good books of authorities and peers in work place. Your reputation in professional circle increases. Then in August, Jupiter moves to the zodiac house of Leo. This position would lift up your spirits. Major professional milestones would be met through the period. Also you would be able to make some good acquaintances which would be rewarding and trustworthy for you till your end.


In the year 2020, Saturn would mould and discipline Virgo people. It helps you to better concentrate on the tasks at hand and embrace success. You would get one step closer to your aims this period. This would be a time when your spirituality and related pursuits might be tested or hindered. Do stick to your ideals and beliefs in life.

Outer Planets

In the year 2020, the outer planets Uranus and Neptune help you to express yourself more creatively. Your artistic inclinations would be highlighted thanks to these planets. Pluto on the other hand guides you towards making new connections who would be friends for life, loyal and committed. There would be a meeting of similar minds.


The Solar and lunar eclipses of year 2020 would ask the Virgo natives to share their thoughts with others for the period. You would be compelled to interact and live in harmony with others around. The eclipses guide towards making rational decisions when spirituality and emotions meet. During the eclipses, natives would be breaking stereo-types and entering new arenas. You would be forced to let go off of your convictions in life.

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