In the year 2020, Saturn or Shani would be in your 7th house of love and marriage during the last week of January affecting your love and marriage. Rahu or the Moon's North Node would be posited in your 12th house of Gemini from the start of the year till the middle of September. Then it transits to your 11th house of gains, which is Taurus. Jupiter or Guru transits your 7th house of Capricorn during March last.

Then it goes retrograde and enters the zodiac sign of Sagittarius during June last. Then once again it enters your 7th house of Capricorn after it gets Direct.

These are some of the major planetary transits for the year and they stand to influence the lives of Kataka Rasi natives. Read on for more info.


Those born with the Moon in the zodiac sign of Kataka have good career prospects in year 2020. Most of the natives are in for a job change or starting of new venture. You would be successful too and your talents would come to the fore. Especially partnership deals would prove fruitful for the natives, simply because Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting the 7th house of partnership together during the second quarter of the year. This period also promises much fortune for Kataka natives.

Academic pursuits are favorable when hard work and commitment are put through. The second quarter of the year also promises success in all your professional endeavors. Better compatibility would exist with authorities and peers in the work place, almost all through the year ahead.


As Jupiter or Guru would be venturing in your 6th house of debts and loans, your finances are in for troubled times this year. Mixed results are to be expected in the financial front. Unwanted expenditure might catch you unawares. Beware of speculative deals and high-value investments for the first half of the year.

Auspicious events at home would bring in expenditure of sorts as well. However things shall start to look up during the second half of the year. However let your financial moves be cautious enough for the period.


In the year 2020, Saturn and Rahu would be aspecting your 4th house of family welfare and happiness. This would affect your familial ties quite considerably. Peace and harmony at home shall elude you. The second half of the year is also not much favorable, indicates separation of sorts from family. As Jupiter and Saturn aspect your 7th house in March-June 2020, a marriage is probable in the household. However children at home might meet with some hindrances in life as Jupiter loiters around in your 6th house. Their health and well being stands to get affected.


Kataka Rasi people have favorable travel opportunities all through the year 2020. Long distant travels owing to profession and pilgrimage would be fruitful. The aspect of Jupiter over the 12th house posited by Rahu is favorable for long distant travel and residence. Hence some of you folks might get relocated overseas as well.


Jupiter posited in your 6th house of diseases in the year 2020 does not forebode goodness in the health sector for Kataka Rasi natives. But then Jupiter and Saturn aspecting your first house of general well being brings about quick healing. However natives are advised to be cautious for the whole year as far as their health prospects are concerned.

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