During the last week of January 2020, Saturn or Shani would be transiting to the 6th house of Capricorn for Simha Rasi natives. Rahu or the Moon's North Node posited in the house of Gemini transits to Taurus during September 2020. Jupiter transiting your 5th house from the start of the year transits to your 6th house of Capricorn during the last days of March 2020.

Jupiter then goes retrograde there in June and would come back to your 6th house in the last part of November 2020.

These planetary movements sure play an important role in altering the life course of Simha Rasi natives through the year 2020. Read on for more on this..


Simha Rasi people would find the year 2020 quite favorable for their professional stints. There is good scope for starting new ventures through the period. Better financial inflow also promised. However Saturn or Sani posited in your 6th house might bring about relocation for some of the natives. The last quarter of the year is particularly favorable for the natives. Academic pursuits would end successfully for you these days. If you are one looking for a job then the year ahead favors the same. Natives especially related to the technical fields are in for major career enhancement through the year.


The year 2020 promises good tiding in your financial front. Rahu or the Moon’s North Node placed in the 11th house of gains for Simha Rasi natives assures good gains of money through the year 2020.Many sources of income are promised. There would be better scope for investments and high-value purchases as well. However stay away from speculative deals.


Jupiter posited in the 5th house for Simha Rasi natives promises chances of child birth in the family. However family based relationships are in for average results only through the year 2020. Peace and harmony would prevail at home with some effort and commitment on your side. You stand to get the support of your siblings as well for the period. Your social standing gets enhanced. The second quarter of the year has Jupiter and Saturn together in the 6th house. This helps you to tide over your enemies in life. Auspicious events at home like marriage also probable for the year.


Saturn or Shani would be aspecting the 3rd house of Simha Rasi natives in year 2020. This indicates chances of many short journeys for the natives. After the end of the first quarter, Jupiter and Saturn together would be aspecting your 12th house. This indicates probable chances of overseas journeys as well. Pilgrimage is favored all through the year.


As the year 2020 starts, Jupiter or Guru would be aspecting your Ascendant house. This assures good health and cheer for Simha Rasi natives. There would be positivity around and you would have a healthy lifestyle. But then Jupiter would be transiting to your 6th house of diseases during the second quarter of the year. This might bring about some adverse health conditions occasionally. However things shall start to improve around the end of June. Stick to good dietary habits all through the year for general well being.

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