For Vrischikha Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be transiting your 3rd house of Capricorn during the end of January. Rahu or the Moon’s North node in your 8th house of Gemini transits to your 7th house of Taurus during mid-September. As the first quarter of the year ends, Jupiter or Guru enters your 3rd house of Capricorn. It goes retrograde, transits to Sagittarius as the second quarter of the year ends.

Then around the end of November 2020, Jupiter comes back to Capricorn in Direct motion. These planetary transits would have a strong bearing on the course of life for Virschikha Rasi natives through the year. Read on for more information…


The career prospects of Vrischikha Rasi folks would be moderate this year. New beginnings are on the anvil as Jupiter or Guru aspects your 10th house of Career. Then during the second quarter of the year 2020, the 9th house is aspected by the combination of both Jupiter and Saturn and this assures prosperity owing to your career growth.

The second quarter of year 2020 improves your self-confidence in work place. Those into business related to land deals would get good returns. Academic pursuits are also favored if the natives are ready to put in much effort. A good time to improve your skills.


Year 2020 forebodes good financial stability for Vrischika Rasi natives. Jupiter or Guru in the 2nd house of finances assures that you are financially well off for now. There would be ample funds for savings and expenditure. Auspicious events at home bring in expenses of sorts for the period. This is not the time to lend money around, be cautious. The second half of the year predicts some luck and fortune and sudden gains of finances for the natives, bank on it.


The domestic life of Vrischikha Rasi natives would be quite good through this year. Jupiter aspecting your 2nd house of family promises goodness at home. There might be marriage at home or a new addition to the family by means of birth. However beware as Rahu might bring about some turmoil in the domestic front. Health of mother needs care for the period.

Your social life expands these days. Children command good health and cheer. They bring laurels in studies. Overall prosperity and happiness assured in the household.


Vrisckiha Rasi natives have good travel scope for the year 2020. Particularly the second quarter and the period thereafter favor both long and short distant journeys. Pilgrimage on the cards for the deserving ones. The 12th house aspected by Saturn indicates chances of foreign travel as well for the naives. Be prepared to handle sudden transfers or relocations owing to job promotions and the like.


The year 2020 is not much favorable for the health prospects of Vrischikha Rasi natives. The transit of Rahu would bring about unwanted physical and mental health issues for the natives. Issues related to the digestive system are more problem. Stick to good dietary habits and practice some form of sport or the other to stay fit.

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