As the year 2020 starts, Saturn or Shani would be entering your 5th house of Capricorn around the end of January. Rahu or the Moon's North Node in your 10th house of Gemini transits to your 9th house of Taurus in September 2020. Jupiter or Guru transits to your 5th house of Capricorn in the end of March.

It goes retrograde. Then transits to your 4th house of Sagittarius during June-end. And would again enter Capricorn in November when it goes direct.

All these planetary transits and positions stand to affect the lives of those born with the Moon in the house of Kanya or Virgo. Read on..


For Kanya Rasi natives, Jupiter or Guru would be aspecting the 10th house of profession as the year 2020 starts. This predicts overall development in the professional life of the natives. You stand to get into the good books of your peers and authorities. Your hard work and commitment would be rewarded amicably. After the end of the first quarter, Rahu or the Moon's North node transits to your 10th house. This promises promotions and pay hikes for the deserving natives. Business ventures are also favored.

Saturn aspecting the 7th house indicates that Kanya Rasi folks would find partnership deals quite fruitful for the year. Academic moves and skill-improving studies are also favored all through the year. However natives would encounter competition and hardships from enemies and hidden sources in the career field this year as Rahu aspects your 6th house, hence be cautious.


The financial standing of Kanya Rasi natives would be very good all through the year 2020, thanks to the favorable planetary placements for the period. There would be a steady flow of income. Much landed property, a dream home and luxury vehicles would be bought. Business ventures would fetch you good returns for the year. But for the first quarter, all the other periods are favorable for speculative deals as well. However do read the fine print before you go in for any investments.


The family life of Kanya Rasi people would be quite good this year. Jupiter posited in your 4th house for the year assures domestic welfare/happiness. Peace and harmony would prevail at home and you would get the goodness of family warmth around. This would be a great year for children and elders at home. The second half of the year would improve your family status and repute in society. Birth of children in the family likely after the first quarter of the year. Also auspicious events like marriage probable after June for Kanya Rasi natives.


Year 2020 forebodes travel opportunities for Kanya Rasi people. Saturn or Shani aspecting the 7th house is favorable for long distant travels owing to profession for the natives. Those of you who are seeking a job change or relocation get it through the year. Some travel due to personal reasons is also on the cards for you guys.


The general health and well being of Kanya Rasi folks would be fairly good due to the good placements for the year ahead. You would be both mentally and physically fit through the period. Though you are not prone to any major illnesses during the period, be cautious and stay resistant. Keep yourself fit and practice good dietary habits through the year ahead.

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