For Rishabha Rasi natives, Saturn would be entering their 9th house of Capricorn as the year 2020 starts. Rahu or the Moons North Node in Gemini - your 2nd house moves over to the zodiac house of Taurus later on in September 2020. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and knowledge transits to Capricorn in March 2020 and then moves over to Sagittarius in June which happens to be your 8th house where it goes retrograde.

Jupiter turns direct in November in your 9th house of Capricorn. Venus stays in close proximity to the Sun becoming combust in the month of June as it always does.

These planetary transits stand to affect the Rishabha Rasi natives through the year. Read on for more ..


Year 2020 would be of average performance in the professional area of Rishabha Rasi natives. There would be delays and hindrances of sorts in your career as Rahu or the Moon's North node aspects your 10th house of career. However your hard work and commitment to profession would see you through these tough times.

Beware of lurking troubles from enemies who remain anonymous to you. Be cautious of fraudulent activities as well. Trust-worthy people would elude you. If you are looking for a pay -hike, promotion or relocation then this is not the ideal time. However things shall brighten up somewhere around the last quarter of 2020.

If you are in for academic studies or up-gradation of your skills , then the first quarter of the year proves to be most favorable for the same. Looking for a job as a fresher, you ought to wait for a considerable period, till good times shows up.


In te year 2020, Jupiter the planet of fortune aspects your 2nd and 4th houses. This assures much landed property for Rishabha Rasi natives. Real estate deals also fetch you good returns thanks to the aspect on your 4th . Also many of you would be buying your dream house through the year. Auspicious events at home ask for some expenditure on your part though.

However as the second quarter of the year starts in April, Rahu or the Moon's North node enters your 2nd house troubling and meddling your finances. Do not take hasty decisions with your money now. When Jupiter transits in September, your finances get secured. Speculation and gambling would fetch you good rewards. Luck and fortune follow you too for the days.


The family prospects of Rishabha Rasi people would be quite favorable in 2020. Rahu or the Moon's North Node in your 2nd house however continues to trouble your family environment. You would be mentally worriesd and familial relationships would not be that good.

However when Rahu transits in September 2020, peace would prevail at home. Your social status improves and help you earn name and fame in society. Also Jupiter posited in your 8th house of Dustana around the start of 2020 stands to affect children at home. Their health and education get hindered. However the second quarter of the year would be favorable for your off-springs, if any. Auspicious events regarding children on the cards. September 2020 once again highlights troubles in the life of children of Rishabha Rasi people, be cautious.


Jupiter and Saturn together posited in your 9th house favors long distant travels in the year 2020. In the last quarter however you might meet impediments with your travel plans. Your plans might go haywire, unwanted expenditure might bother you and for some Rishabha Rasi natives, unwanted relocation owing to job change might be a thorn in the flesh during the year-end.


Jupiter posited in your 8th house for the first quarter of year 2020 would affect your health. You ought to be careful if you suffer from chronic illnesses. Then in the second quarter, as Jupiter transits to your 9th house things get better in your health front. Your general well-being and lifestyle would change a lot. Mental health also improves.

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