In the year 2020, Saturn or Shani would be entering your 4th house of Capricorn during the last part of January. Rahu or the Moon's North node would be in your 9th house of Gemini from the start of the year. It transits to your 8th house of Taurus during the middle of September. Jupiter or Guru transits to your 4th house of Capricorn as March 2020 ends , it goes retrograde and transits

to your 3rd house of Capricorn as June ends. Then during the last part of November, Jupiter transits to your 4th house once again where it gores direct. These planetary movements through the year stand to affect Tula Rasi natives. Read on for more details related to various areas of life.


The general career prospects of Tula Rasi natives would be quite good for the year 2020. However you might meet with some occasional troubles as Saturn would be aspecting your 10th house. The second quarter of the year has your 10th house aspected by both Jupiter and Saturn and this is likely to bring about a relocation or a promotion.

Natives are advised not to start any major ventures for the year. Academic pursuits are not much favored too for the year ahead. Getting a job would also be a Herculean task if you are one looking for job as a fresher. Keep working hard as being idle would not take you anywhere in the professional front this year.


The financial standing of Tula Rasi folks would be quite satisfactory for the year ahead. Jupiter would be aspecting your 11th house of gains this year. Hence there would be good financial inflow for the year. Some loans and debts can be cleared off. Auspicious events at home call for some financial expenditure during the period. The second quarter of the year has Jupiter and Saturn together in your 4th house. This promises buying of landed property, your dream home, a luxury car, etc.


The domestic life of Tula Rasi natives is in for a roller-coaster ride this year. Though there might be misunderstandings with family members, the second quarter of the year would be quite conducive thanks to the conjunction (0 deg) of Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th house of home and family welfare. Health of children at home needs extra attention as Rahu happens to aspect your 5th house of children. Children of some Tula Rasi people get married this year.


Pack your travel bags as the year ahead offers you immense opportunities for travel. It would be both for pleasure and pilgrimage. But then make sure that your health is in good shape before venturing. Those in services are in for travel due to relocation through the year ahead. The end of the first quarter of the year forebodes favorable clime for long-distant travels.


People born with the Moon in the house of Tula might have mixed health issues through the year 2020. As their Ascendant house is aspected by Saturn and Rahu, natives might experience intermittent health issues through the period. Good diet, exercises and meditation would help you to tide over these problems. The last quarter of the year promises good health and cheer for Tula folks.

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