In the year 2020, Saturn or Shani would be in your 11th house of Capricorn. As the year starts, Rahu or the Moon’s North node would be in your 4th house of Gemini. And around the middle of September, it transits to your 3rd house of Taurus. Jupiter or Guru transits to your 11th house of Capricorn as the first quarter ends.

Then it transits to your 10th house of Sagittarius when the second quarter of 2020 ends. It would again transit to your 11th house of Capricorn during the last days of November once it gets direct.

These planetary movements affect the lives of Pisces folks through the year. Read on for more of its effects…


The professional life of Pisces folks would be very good for the year ahead. There would be success in all your endeavors. If you are looking for expanding your business, then this would be a favorable time. You would be able to crush your enemies in the professional field these days. Jupiter would be transiting your 10th house of career. Hence there would be no dearth for goodness in this area. Those in areas related to speculation like share trading and gambling would see good returns. The aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on your 5th house predicts some luck and fortune as well. Academic pursuits of Pisces folks would also be quite successful.


The financial standing of Pisces folks would be just great for the year 2020. Your 11th house of gains has Saturn and hence much gains is promised for the year. Money due to you for quite a long time would come now. Certain investments would also give good returns. But then auspicious events at home might ask for expenditure of sorts during the period. Be wary of your financial future and do save some when you get the right inflow of funds. Career and profession would fetch you good rewards all through the year.


Home and domestic matters are favored for the year 2020 for you guys. This is because Jupiter or Guru is aspecting your 2nd house of family and welfare. All through the year, wellness and goodness is promised in your familial life. Peace and harmony would prevail and you would get the love and support of family. Inter-personal relationship would be better these days.

Auspicious events like marriage or birth of a child would bring happiness for the household. Social and charity works would keep you busy during the second half of the year. Children and elders at home would command good health and cheer. As the 5th house is well posited, children bring name and fame for the family at large.


Year 2020 offers good prospects as far as travel yearnings of Pisces guys are concerned. You would be travelling frequently owing to job transfers, expansion or promotions. Relocations of sorts keep you busy through the year. The last quarter of the year promises long distant journeys for pleasure or pilgrimage. Some of you folks might visit long-distant family members this year.


The general health of Pisces natives would be quite average all through the year ahead. Occasional bouts of minor illnesses cannot be ruled out. Be wary of worries and anxieties and stress and strain as these would have serious consequence on your general physical and mental well-being. Good diet and better physical work-outs would make sure that you stay fit through the year.

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