For Mithuna Rasi natives, in the year 2020 Saturn or Shani would enter your 8th house of Capricorn around the last part of January. As the year starts, Rahu or the Moon’s North Node would be in your own sign and would transit to your 12th house of Taurus in September. Jupiter transits to the house of Capricorn as the first quarter of year 2020 ends. In June, Jupiter or Guru transits to your 7th house and

then in November comes back once again to Capricorn after a hectic retrograde phase. These planetary transits stand to affect the Mithuna Rasi natives quite considerably. Read on for more.


Year 2020 would be quite favorable for the career prospects of Mithuna Rasi natives. Partnership deals in services and business would prosper well as Jupiter or Guru is well-placed in your 7th house. However Saturn or Shani posited in the 8th house also called the Dustana or the evil house might hinder your career progress considerably during the year.

The year however is not favorable for you to start anything new. During the second quarter of the year, the transit of Jupiter through your 8th house affects your profession. You ought to put in hard work and commitment to get favorable results in the career front. Academic pursuits are however favored all through the year for Mithuna natives.


Not a good year in terms of finances for Mithuna Rasi people. Your 2nd house of finances is aspected by Saturn and Shani which hinders your financial prospects considerably. Rahu in your own sign as the year 2020 starts transits to your 2nd house of finances around the last week of March. This brings about unwanted expenditure of sorts. Not a good time to lend or borrow money as well. Avoid investments and speculative deals through the period. During the second quarter of the year, Jupiter and Saturn would be transiting your 8th house. This promises some finances or property owing to legacy or inheritance.


Mithuna Rasi people would enjoy good family ties during the year 2020. Peace and harmony would prevail at home. The 2nd house of family is well aspected and hence goodness is assured in your family front. However the third quarter of the year, starting from July might bring in some resistance in your family life. You might encounter some misunderstandings and rifts at home.

But then elders and children in the family command good health and cheer. Auspicious events at home bring joy and gladness. The second quarter of the year 2020 might bring in some disadvantages in the life of your children. The rest of the year assures betterment in your family life though.


Year 2020 would be favorable for your travel prospects, particularly related to profession and pleasure. In the second quarter of the year, Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction (0 deg) in your 8th house and this also favors long distant travels. However pilgrimage might be hindered and delayed.


Year 2020 starts on a positive note on the health front for Mithuna Rasi natives. You would be mentally and physically strong to move mountains. During the second quarter of the year, Jupiter moves over to your 8th house of evil when some of you natives might meet with health issues. Related medical expenditure would be a source of concern as well. Then things start to look up for the ensuing two quarters of year 2020. But then occasional minor health issues might bother your spirits, but sparingly.

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