For Dhanus Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be entering your 2nd house of Capricorn around the end of January 2020. As the year starts, Rahu would be in your 7th house of Gemini and around the middle of September it transits to your 6th house of Taurus. Jupiter or Guru transits to your 2nd house of Capricorn as the first quarter of 2020 ends.

It goes retrograde and enters your Ascendant house as the second quarter ends. Then during the last week of November gets back to your 2nd house when t goes direct.

Quite a hectic lot of activity is in store for Dhanus Rasi natives. If you need to confront the same, be prepared…


Year 2020 forebodes favorable prospects in the career sector for Dhanus Rasi natives. Tehre would be good source of income flow. The period favors starting of a new business venture as well for those interested. Your hard work and commitment would take you to new heights through the year. However natives are advised to be cautious when it comes to joint ventures or co-operative deals for now. Overseas connections would be established for some of you folks.

Academic pursuits are also most favored this year. The aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house would help you through your higher educational ventures. Those of you looking for a new job or a good job position would also see the light of the day.


Though the year ahead is not conducive for great finances, your financial standing would be stable for the period. Be cautious of making investments this year. Medical expenditure for family members would take away a huge chunk of your finances. But then the combined aspect of Saturn and Jupiter on your 2nd house of finances makes sure that your hands are not empty for now. You would get some finances by legacy or law suits after the first half of the year. Some of you folks would buy your dream house or a luxury car. But make sure that you are well-stocked for the future.


Family and domestic welfare of Dhanus Rasi people would be quite better this year thanks to the benefic aspect of Saturn on your 2nd house of family. The second quarter of the year 2020 would be much more favorable as then Jupiter would be aspecting your 2nd house. Birth of a child in the family brings joy this season. Also there might be auspicious events like marriage for a family member these days.

However family feuds might arise as Rahu aspects your 7th house. Tread carefully in your relationship with spouse/lover/partner for the year. Children at home do well in their respective lives. Health of elders might bring about some concern at times.


Not much of travel options are available for those born with their Moon in the house of Dhanus this year. However the second quarter of the year offers some opportunities for travel if you are more bent on the same. The second half of the year might bring in some travel plans thanks to some relocation or job transfers. Travel for pleasure and pilgrimage are not much favored for the natives this year.


Dhanus Rasi folks would command good health this year as Jupiter would be aspecting your Ascendant. Your mental and physical health would be good for the period with a sense of positive energy prevailing around. Constructive acts and thoughts are likely for the year. However make sure that you practice good health habits for the year to stay in the pink of your health.

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