Year 2021 would be a roller coaster ride for those born with the Moon in the zodiac house of Aquarius or Kumbha. Students would find the year very favourable for their studies though. There would be instance where they would be put to test, focus and concentration would bring them success.

Kumbha natives into business would find many opportunities to excel. Overseas links might be established towards the same. Those into services would find the going quite easy. The middle of the year might pose some professional hardships for the natives. The year-end promises promotions and pay hikes for some deserving guys.

Marriage and love areas would be better this year for Kumbha natives. Love and romance abound. This is a period that brings you still closer to your partner. Some of you might beget children if wanting. Exceptionally amazing period for the domestic front.

Finances might take a beating though for the natives. Unwanted expenses might bother your spirits. Sticking to a viable budget would spare you through tough times. Health is also not going to be that easy. Issues related to the digestive system might surface for some of you folks. Mental health also needs utmost care during this year.

Kumbha natives are most likely to feel some pressure from maternal and paternal sides with relatives being an eyesore. Simply staying away for quite sometime saves your inner peace. Avoid stress and strain of all sorts and spend quality time with those who are your well-wishers.


Love and marriage are very fortunate during the year 2021 for Kumbha personalities. Your love prospects would be very good and positive trends would be seen. You would be entering a new phase in your love life these days. Some of you guys might tie the knot as well.

Do not let your professional commitments entangle with your marriage or love. Partner or spouse would be more than willing to support you in your emotional life. Better communication and understanding of each other would ensure that you stay in good form through the year.

The first quarter of the year however might bring about troubles. Careful treading is essential these days. Laying low would help a lot.


Kumbha Rasi natives would face many major changes in their career field this year. The first quarter would bring about relocation and transfers for the deserving ones. Around the middle of the year, you might face some troubles in work place. There might be rifts with higher-ups or colleagues. Go it slow and do not be impulsive.

Family would be a source of support for your professional endeavours. Do not let stress or work affect your health and wellbeing. Hard work would result in fortunate moves in the career field for the deserving natives. Business people would have lots of travel opportunities and ways to expand their pursuits. The second and last quarter of the year would bring you good returns.

Those into services might encounter a career change during December if willing. Do make sure that the grass you think is greener is actually so before hopping in.


Financially it would be a turbulent year for Kumbha Rasi guys. Your 12th house of expenditure is posited with Saturn or Sani and this might bring about unwanted expenses. Family commitments, medical expenses, social and charity works would ask for much expenditure on your part. Do bite only that you can chew. Commitments greater than your means might pinch you in the end.

The whole year would see you in financial turbulence. Do stay positive and find ways and means to improve your financial standing. The end of the year would bring in some finances by way of fortune and legacy for some Kumbha people.

A good budget is what would redeem you in the end. Keep your expenses under check. The year-end would bring in some inflows. The third quarter of the year calls for myriad ways of financial outflow, be aware of where your money goes. Jupiter in your sign for quite sometime would stem the tide of the financial turbulence to a certain extent.


During the year 2021, those born under Kumbha Rasi would see some health issues. Particularly issues related to the digestive system would arise. Also beware of infectious diseases like cough, cold or fever. These might take out your wellness to a large extent.

Saturn in the evil house of 12th for the year would be adversely affecting your health in general. Prevention and a cautious approach are much warranted during these tough times. Stay away from bad habits like drinking and smoking. Even mild issues need to be addressed, else they might turn out to threaten your life in the long run.

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