Year 2021 would be one of a kind for Makara Rasi natives. It would be very prosperous and career prospects would be very good thanks to the placement of Saturn or Shani in your home front. Finances for the year ahead would be mixed with frequent ups and downs. Some luck and fortune are on the cards, however do not expect a windfall. The end of the year promises some good tidings in finances thanks to Jupiter transit.

The planets favour academic and research works of Makara folks. But then Rahu or the Moon’s North node might bring about occasional distractions, be cautious. A positive approach and commitment combined with hard work would earn you laurels through the year.

Love and marriage are most favored for the natives this year. Partner would be committed and loyal to you. Most of your relationships would be highly strengthened during this period. There would be progression in your love life. The year brings you one step closer to your spouse or partner. However natives are advised to keep away from misunderstandings and anger at all costs. The middle of the year might bring about some rifts. Communication would be the key to betterment then. Most natives would command good health as well during the period.


For the year 2021, Rahu or the Moon’s North Node is in the 5th house for Makara Rasi natives. This assures goodness in love and marriage. However be prepared for the unexpected as well. Much happiness and domestic welfare is assured. Some of you would be getting married and others would get into a loyal commitment for now.

The middle of the year might bring in some conflicts with partner or spouse. Hence natives are advised to go it slow, take one step at a time and not to resort to impulsive acts. Get into an active mode and find ways to boost the morale of your partner and get him or her into your good books.

The single Makara Rasi people would find the time ripe enough for forging some important relationships. Beware of false friends and accusations and frauds around. The last quarter of the year 2021 would help you to decide on an important love affair. Marriage bells are most viable for the first half of the year only. All through the year, make sure that you keep your partner engaged and hooked to you and you alone.!!


Career poses good prospects for Makara Rasi personalities this year, as your ruler Saturn would be placed in your sign itself. With Jupiter or Guru also in your sign, favorable trends are forecast in the professional front. However do note that hard work would only get you success. Total commitment to work would bring in good rewards around the middle of the year.

Some natives might encounter legal issues during the year. Beware of false accusations and frauds with regard to career. Stay clear of any controversies and develop good rapport with authorities and peers in work place. Business ventures would also fetch good returns for those into the same. The last half of the year would see your business grow by leaps and bounds.


Financially, this is not much of a good period for Makara folks. Expenditure would off shoot your financial inflow and funds would become a scarcity for some of you. The planets through the year support unwanted expenditure of sorts during the first half of the year. However you would be able to stem the tide thanks to your thrifty actions.

New sources of income are promised as the year progresses. Rahu in the 5th house of luck predicts some fortune as well by means of luck and speculation. Be cautious of your financial moves though.

The second and the third quarter promise good financial inflow from multiple sources for Makara folks. Around the end of the year, when Jupiter or Guru transits to your 2nd house of finances, your financial standing would be just simply superb. Natives are advised to go in for social and charity works around this time.


Though there would not be any major health concerns for the natives this year, they are advised not to be complacent. Beware of contagious diseases and minor ailments. Get timely medical help whenever needed, do not take things lightly with the pandemic doing its rounds now.

Stress and strain might also play with your health, be wary and take care of mental health as well. Extra attention to diet and physical movement would make sure that you would stay fit as a fiddle these days.

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