Year 2021 would be a year of surprising twists and turns for Kataka Rasi natives. Be prepared for some tough oscillating moments around. Be open to the scenario as ignorance might land you in troubled waters. As the year starts, the planet Mars would be supporting your professional ventures. Promotions and pay hikes come your way around this time.

Studies are not much favored for the year, however you can expect status quo in this area. Some natives might meet with disappointment of sorts with overseas academic hopes being blocked due to myriad reasons, one being the pandemic situation. However Kataka RAsi natives would be blessed with good finances all through the year.

Saturn or Sani placed in the 7th house is favourable for good business prosects that are joint-ventured. But then Saturn in the 7th house is a dangerous position for family and love matters. There would not be peace and cordiality at home this period.

And though the year might start with some financial hiccups things would soon start stabilizing as the year progresses. Jupiter or Guru would be supporting the same as also your social life. Marriage and love prospects would be quite average for Kataka folks this year. Caution and better understanding of partner or spouse would go a long way in bettering your domestic life for the year ahead.


There would be mixed results in the love relationships of Kataka natives for the year 2021. Though the going would seem to be good, as the year progresses, misunderstandings of sorts crop in and mar the goodness of your relationships. However if you withstand occasional issues both you and your partner would come out strong enough for both.

The middle of the year in particular promises some good tidings in your love and marriage. There would be good relationship on the domestic front, you would feel a better vibe with your partner or spouse. There would be some passionate moments around.

Natives are advised not to blow up troubles into larger proportions. If you are able to oversee the wrongs of your partner this time, there would be bliss. Being tolerant of your partner would take you into peaceful land.


The career prospects of Kataka Rasi people would be simply superb all through this year. Success would come in all ways possible. Mars posited in your 10th house of profession would aid you in your climb up the corporate ladder. Also Saturn or Sani in the 7th house would help you to get the good relationship of authorities and peers in work place.

However be prepared for some tough times during the second quarter of the year. It might pose you some hard challenges. But then luck would see you through. Those into businesses would also see good fortune this year. In general, through the year Kataka Rasi guys are in for better career performance and development. But then they ought to avoid being complacent and need to put in hard work with a committed spirit to go far.


For the year 2021, Kataka personalities would be blessed with good finances. There would be better stability when compared to the previous few year performances, with ample funds for savings. Though the first quarter of the year might prove quite troublesome, with not much financial inflow, the trickle would soon improve as the year progresses. Keep a tab of your finances and avoid extravaganza in life to be free from debts and loans. This would be a good time for saving in some long term investment plans.

From the second quarter of the year, things start to look up in your financial front. Inflow of funds improve and you would be able to settle old debts and loans. And would be able to strike a good financial balance then. However some Kataka Rasi natives are in for some medical expenditure owing to ill health of family members.

From the middle of the year, there would be tremendous inflow. You would be able to give in for social and charity works as well. Family and friends would support in your financial moves. Beware of frauds and diversion of funds by some black sheep from among family and friends though.


As the 6th house Lord Jupiter would be associated with Saturn, the general health of Kataka natives would not be that good for the year. Even minor ailments, if left unattended might prove to be a big headache later on, hence natives are advised not to oversee minor health issues for the period.

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