Vrischikha Rasi natives would have a good mix of the good and the bad during the year 2021. Some natives have overseas trips on the cards. Your finances would be quite good and there would be good health and cheer in the domestic front. It does not mean that the period is going to be a cake walk. You would have your own share of worries and anxieties through the year ahead.

For Vrischikha Rasi natives, Rahu or the Moon’s North Node is posited in the 7th house. This might cause troubles in your love or marriage. Enemies might bother you as also occasional health issues. Usually health of family members would put your domestic life under question. Particularly children and the elders at home need your undivided attention this period. Also health of native would also be at risk. Stay away from issues that might put your health at the threshold.

Vrischikha folks into academics and research would be highly successful this year. Your professional life would also be good. The planets support much luck and fortune for the natives as well. But do take care of your expenditure these days as troubles lurk around in the financial side.

In general year 2021 would be quite a good year for Vrischikha Rasi people. They should be willing to handle frequent fluctuations in life. Also avoid unnecessary conflicts with others as this might upset your happiness balance.


The year ahead would be quite unpredictable as far as the love and marriage prospects of Vrischkiha personalities is concerned. Saturn’s position for the year predicts better prospects in your love life. If you are into a relationship would be able to tie the knot around the first or third quarter of the year. All your wishes and desires in love would seem to be fulfilled.

However make sure that there is better understanding with your partner, and trust and loyalty are maintained. Around the middle of the year, there might be turmoils in your marriage or love life. Temporary separation from partner also likely for the natives. Talking your heart out and rapprochement with partner would be the best bet for this period. Do not rely on ill-information brought over by family and friends in this area.


Your career prospects would be quite oscillating this year. The planets including Saturn would be asking for hard work and commitment on your part for a successful stint in the career field through the year ahead. Do not rest on your laurels, instead keep pursuing your dreams in your professional field.

Around the middle of the year, you might get a relocation or job change. Promotions and pay hikes are also on the cards for the deserving ones. Do note that the first and the third quarter of the year would be a tough time for you on the career front. You might meet with delays and hindrances, job losses clubbed with financial debacles likely for some Vrischikha folks too.

Natives into businesses would find their pursuits quite rewarding this year. The middle of the year promises good tidings with expansion on the anvil. Overall, the year 2021 would be a happy period in your professional life.


Ye another financially stable year for Virschika people. But do not be complacent with your financial standing. Things might go wrong anytime, hence be cautious. Particularly the starting of the year might call for some expenditure owing to family calls.

Natives can expect better finances owing to success in legal battles too this year. Long term investments can be done this period, would be rewarding in the long run. Be prudent around the middle of the year. Some of you are in for gains through government links as well.

The last quarter of the year would bring in financial spending owing to auspicious events at home. Do not indulge, keep your expenses within your budget limits. Charity and social events would ask for some spending as well. Overall this would be quite a year for you in the financial front. Relax and bank on your inflows.


Health would be mixed for Vrischika Rasi people this year. As Ketu is favourably placed for you all this year, there would be no major impacts on life. However minor occasional issues cannot be ruled out altogether. Some natives might catch a chronic illness if they are not cautious enough this period. The first half of the year, in particular might pose some problems with regard to digestive and respiratory issues. Generally a quite year on the health front for the Vrischika people.

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