Year 2021 would be just a good year for Dhanus Rasi natives. Much fortune and luck are on the cards as Ketu, or the Moon’s South node is favourably posited for the year. Folks into academics and research works would highly benefit during the year. Overseas study opportunities also abound these days.

Sages would be very successful in their career field in 2021. Their ambitions and desires would be met. And dedication and commitment would take them to new heights in career field. There would be good rapport with authorities and peers in workplace. Foreign trips and connections would also come your way now.

Good health and cheer is promised for Dhanus Rasi folks this year. However Ketu’s position might give occasional health issues. Prevention and better care would ward off these petty issues as well. Natives are advised to stick to good health habits as always.

Finances abound for the Sages all this year. Multiple income sources come your way from unexpected quarters. A generally positive year on the financial front. Particularly the middle of the year brings in good financial returns by way of legacy and past investments. Saturn in the 2nd house of finances would improve your wealth during the period.


Love and marriage would be a mixed bag for Dhanus Rasi natives for the year 2021. You would be at your emotional and romantic best this year. And there would be myriad opportunities to show your love and commitment to partner. The first quarter of the year promises goodness in love. During the second quarter some rifts likely with partner. Be committed, loyal and honest to win over your partner through these tough times.

Around the middle of the year, there would be favourable times in love and marriage. Some of you might reach new milestones now. Around the end of the year, the single ones would be tying the knot and those in a marriage would see goodness in their relationship with partner. Quite an average year on the love front, with no major hitches coming your way.


The career prospects of Sages would be good this year. There would be good support from authorities and peers in work place. Some of your long lost life ambitions would come true through the year. All this period, you would remain motivated and growth would be by leaps and bounds in your workplace.

Much luck is on the cards for Sages in profession for now. The first and last quarter of the year would be really noteworthy as major changes would be coming your way then. Around the middle of the year, some sluggish moments are forecast. Do not lay idle, keep working and trying, you would reap good benefits sooner or later. The last quarter predicts overseas travel owing to business or profession for some natives. Your hard work and commitment would be amicably rewarded this period.


Year 2021 would be a financially great year for Dhanus Rasi natives. The major planet Saturn or Shani is placed in your 2nd house of finances for the year and hence there would be no dearth for funds this year. Natives are in for huge inflow of finances for the period.

However do note that there would be an equal call for expenditure, hence be cautious and bank on your resources as they come in. Ketu or the Moon’s node placed in the 12th house of expenditure would make sure that your kitty is always emptied for the year.

As the year starts, your finances would be quite good and the middle of the year would bring in all sorts of unwanted expenditure for the native. Try to balance your funds and remain stable, do not indulge in any way. The end of the year should see you in better financial standing than when the year started.


Natives born under Dhanus Rasi would command good health and cheer through the year ahead. However they are advised not to be too complacent with their health. Follow good food habits and take ample rest when you get the time. Also do not let stress and strain take on your nerves.

Ketu or the Moon’s node in the 12th house might bring about occasional health concerns. Some of you might be catching some communicable diseases as well this period. Particularly beware of respiratory issues. Though no major impacts on life would be felt, some concerns might bring about worries and anxieties. Natives are advised to stay positive and take care of their mental health as well.

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