Year 2021 would be a year of mixed fortunes for Rishabha Rasi natives. Saturn would provide with many opportunities to grow in both personal and professional life. Though those in services would feel some development, business personalities would see their performance dwindle this period. But then Saturn makes sure that financial stability is maintained in your life.

Some luck and fortune shall come for you around the middle of the year. However the first and last quarter of the year would prove quite troublesome for you in almost all areas of your life. Rahu and Ketu, the Moon’s nodes would bring about undesirable health concerns through the year. Be cautious about stomach and eye ailments these days.

Rishabha Rasi natives might suffer from domestic unhappiness this year. There would me much tension around the middle of the year. This would be because of the effects brought about by the planet Mars. Health of family members would also take a beating through the year and would bring undesired medical expenditure.

Those into academics and research works would find the year quite fruitful. Though this period would give you its own share of trials and hurdles you would be able to overcome thanks to your perseverance through the year. Love and marriage are not much favored this year for Rishabha folks. Misunderstandings and rifts of sorts would mar your relationships. However the middle of the year might bring about some respite here thanks to the goodness of Jupiter. Children would bring joy and happiness to the household and overseas trips are on the cards around the middle of the year for some folks.


The middle part of year 2021 would highlight the love pursuits or Rishabha Rasi people. You would be best able to express your feelings and emotions to your partner and there would be reciprocation from his or her part as well these days. However the rest of the year might haunt you with some hindrance or the other in your relationships. Misunderstandings of sorts might arise and cause troubles. Clearing the air around by a casual talk would do betterment.

In general your love life would be quite average through the year. Jupiter or Guru would make sure that there are no major crests nor troughs in this area. Getting to settle down with differences with partner would go a long way in bettering your love life or marriage this year.


The career pursuits of Rishabha people would be greatly enhanced during the year ahead. Saturn in your 9th house would help you in your professional endeavours this period. Some of you might get a relocation or promotion that has been long overdue.

As the year starts you might experience troubles and hindrances from peers in work place resulting in loss of finances. However things would get better around mid-year. Only hard work and commitment would see you to higher positions, hence do not rest on your laurels.

Rishabha natives would find this year a favourable time for a job change. Those into business need to be cautious as this is not a fertile period for you. Not a time to forge any co-operative ventures with others in services or business. This is a time that would go against any inter-personal relationships that you have in the professional field.


Your finances would be firm and quite balanced all through the year 2021. Mars in your 12th house of expenditure for quite sometime as the year starts might bring in unwanted expenditure. Also expenses owing to family and its health concerns might bother you.

However things shall brighten up around the middle of the year. Though you cannot expect a windfall, there would be some inflow of funds this time. Be alert and look out for frauds and false promises around as losses and debts abound everywhere. Jupiter would rope in some good finances around mid-year. Much gains shall come for you during the last two quarters of the year. And with Saturn or Shani in your 9th house of prosperity all through the year, there would be goodness. Some high-value purchases and real estate deals would materialize around the year end.


Rishabha natives would encounter myriad health issues during 2021. As the Moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu are placed in your Ascendant and 7th house respectively, there would be troubles galore. Add to this the effects of transiting Mars and Sun during the start of the year, that health would be a serious concern. Staying safe and prevention would be a better choice for these days.

Stay away from bad eating habits. Stick to healthier options and beware of stomach issues. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, which your Moon sign is prone to this period. Keep moving and avoid stress and strain. But then during the last quarter of the year, some betterment would be seen in terms of your general health and well being.

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