For people born under the Moon sign of Meena or Pisces, the year ahead would be of mixed fortune. There would be great progress and development in certain areas of your life. Some of your life’s desires and wishes would be fulfilled through the year. However you might meet with impediments in some areas of life.

Generally an average year for the natives. Those into studies and research works would meet with success this year. Aspiring ones might go for overseas studies as well. Career calls for much hard work and commitment on your part. A comfortable position that has been eluding some of you would now materialize through the year. Meena guys would be able to do well in business too. Long term investments and inheritance would bless you with good finances through the year. But then there would always be a mismatch between your inflow and outflow of finances.

The academic and research works of aspiring natives would have mixed results. Many of the natives would be successful in interviews and competitive exams though. The middle of the work promises some good tidings in education, however hard work is called for.

Domestic welfare and happiness assured for Meena people for this period. Peace and harmony would prevail at home. Some luck and fortune likely and you stand to gain through real estate deals as well.

Meena people who are married are predicted with a blissful year ahead. There would be much romance and passion in your relationship with spouse. The first half of the year would be a cake walk and some troubles surface around the second half of the year. There might be misunderstandings, lack of communication and quarrels with partner. But Jupiter would make sure that you pass through this unharmed.

Meena personalities would command good health and cheer all through this year. There would be no major impacts on life. But then this does not mean that you should take your health for granted. Take care of your physical and mental health all this period. Keep moving and let your health do the talking.


For this year, Saturn or Sani would be in your 5th house of love. This points out that your love prospects would be of mixed fortune. Jupiter would help the aspiring ones to tie the knot as the year starts. The middle of the year might bring about some rifts with partner and over trivial issues only. Be faithful and honest in your relationship and spend quality time with your partner, this would save you from serious consequences in life.

As the year ends, your love and marriage relationships get highly strengthened. Overall your prospects would be quite stable. Your strong positive and emotional qualities would guide through the year as you tread through the path of love.


The career prospects of Meena folks would be very good this year. A sense of positive energy and optimism would prevail in this area. Hard work and commitment would help you to reach new heights in the field. There would be good relationship with higher-ups in profession. The middle of the year would prove very beneficial for you in terms of professional growth and development. There would be relocations, pay hikes and promotions as well if you deserve the same.

Good finances are promised owing to your career this year. A good time to switch from services to start your own business as well. Luck would be on your side too and hence there would be no dearth for success in profession through the year.


Finances for Meena people would be mixed this year. But then Saturn or Sani in your 11th house of gains assures good gains and better finances throughout. As the year starts, Mars would be in your 2nd house of finances restricting your financial positions. Jupiter in the 12th house of expenditure would make your expenses to off shoot your income flows. This might bother you and make life quite stressful.

Natives are advised to be very cautious mid-year. Legal moves and some hereditary fortune are on the cards for some folks. Certain Meena guys would get good gains through partner and partnership deals in business. Overall there would be no major financial hitches, however natives are advised to maintain a vigil over their financial spending.


In general, the year would be good from a health perspective for the natives. Jupiter in the evil house of 12th might meddle with health though. Hence natives are advised to maintain their general health and well-being. There would be no major set-backs in health. But minor issues like cold, fever and limb ailments would bother your spirits.

This is a positive period when natives would be active both physically and mentally. Use this period to indulge in social and charity works that would give you peace and solace. Be patient when life goes low, have faith and hope and spread positive energy around. You are blessed for the year, share the same.

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