Year 2021 would be a period of mixed opportunities for Kanya Rasi natives. Not a time to expect much from life as it would be a mediocre time. Though your expectations, desires and dreams would not be met, you would be able to lead a comfortable life for now.

There would be occasional phases of good and bad fortune taking turns for the year. Be sensitive to your relationship with higher ups during this period. Finances might take a beating if it is not kept under check. As the year starts your purses would be full, however around the middle of the year, you would find it hard to make both ends meet.

Kanya folks into business however would be able to see better prospects this year. Beware of joint ventures and financing though. Those into academic and research works would meet with impediments this year. However hard work and total commitment would give them success in their endeavours. Total dedication to anything done would help Kanya Rasi people for this period.

Domestic life would not be that happy during year 2021. There would be rifts in relationships at home. Also your social life would suffer. This might bring about mental breakdowns for some natives. There would be not much bliss in love and marriage as well. Spouse or partner would be a source of concern for some of you. There might be long term repercussions like a divorce for some going through tough times.

The single Kanya natives might hitch a loving and committed partner though this year. Some luck and fortune are on the cards for the deserving people. Sincerity and commitment and total control of your temperament would see you through this year without much harm.


The love prospects of Kanya Rasi personalities would not be on expected lines this year. You have to work your way to get into the good books of your partner or spouse. Be cautious of turbulences of sorts in your domestic life this year. Proper handling of relationship would be the key to survival, remove any air of suspicion around.

Particularly the middle of the year might pose you with some relationship issues. Not a time to fight or argue over trivial matters, talk your way to the heart of your partner. But then the last quarter of the year would fade all negative environment in this area. Then love, romance and conjugal felicity would be assured in the life of Kanya Rasi natives.


The planetary positions for the year 2021 would bring about some major shake-ups in the professional life of Kanya Rasi natives. Saturn or Sani placed in your 5th house would ask you to look for greener pastures. Beware of troubles before you set foot towards another job position. The grass would always be on the greener side.

Around the middle of the year, be prepared for some pay hikes and promotions. Relocation likely for those interested in the same. Your career path would grow well along with better financial remuneration. Be wary of your relationship with subordinates as they might bring you trouble.

Kanya folks who are into business pursuits would see better prospects for the year ahead. There would be good profit and ample space for expansion as well. Be cautious of your associates and financial moves though. The middle of the year might bring in delays and hindrances of sorts for your plans. Start up ventures would find the fag end of the year quite favourable.


Year 2021 would be a year of mixed financials for Kanya people. As the year starts you would be financially stable. With the progression of the year, financial inflow would increase thanks to the position of Mars in your 8th house and Rahu in your 9th house of prosperity.

But then after the middle of the year, your expenditure might off shoot your income levels. Keep a tab of your expenses and avoid extravagant lifestyle. Around the end of the year, your finances would stabilize once again for you to indulge yet again !!


For the year 2021 Ketu, or the Moon’s South node would be placed in your 3rd house. This assures you good health and cheer all through the year. Your energy levels and confidence standing would be better when compared to the previous year.

However around the middle of the year, Jupiter would be occupying your 6th house of diseases and illnesses. This is not a favourable position and natives are advised to take good care of health. Though there would not be any major impacts on life, minor issues might continue to haunt you all through this year.

Particularly health issues related to the digestive and excretory system would trouble you. Also those suffering from chronic symptoms would find that their health is on a downward spiral. Avoid stress and strain in life. Stick to good diet habits, exercise regularly and wind off at regular intervals. This would keep you in good state of affairs, both mental and physical all this year.

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