For the year 2021, there would be some noticeable changes in the life of Mithuna Rasi natives. There would be revamp in your personal and professional spaces this period. The middle of the year promises goodness in your love or marriage. Through the year, your career would be growing by leaps and bounds.

Natives into academic pursuits would find the period ripe enough. There would be chances for overseas research works. There would be no major hindrances and delays in life. The second half of the year would be a turning point for some folks. In general, the year ahead seems to quite favourable for Mithuna Rasi people.


The aspiring Mithuna Rasi natives would get married this year. If single, you would be able to hitch a good partner. However the year might give you tests of loyalty and commitment. If you come out unscathed then you are lucky enough. The unlucky ones might end up in a divorce or break up.

Mars’ effect on your 5th house of love as the year starts would play spoilsport in this area. Hence be cautious of your love moves for the period. Better understanding and reciprocating goodness would go a long way in mending fences with partner. The middle of the year predicts wedding bells for some folks who are waiting to tie a knot. The third quarter of the year indicates rifts of sorts with partner, but do note that this too shall soon pass off. Hence keep going, love and be loved.


Natives pursuing business would see good prospects in year 2021. Particularly team ventures would be very rewarding. But then choose your partner wisely, do not land up in a muddle. Those into services need to work hard with commitment and loyalty to get up the ladder. The year-end promises some major changes coming your way in the professional field.

Some natives would land up in their dream job this year, after years of waiting. But then your 10th Lord Jupiter is placed in the 8th house which is an evil one, this might bring about hindrances occasionally, however commitment and perseverance would see you through tough times in the professional arena.

The third quarter of the year brings about changes that you have been long anticipating in the work front. Generally Mithuna Rasi natives who are ready for hard work and patience would see good times this year.


Year 2021 would be a mixed bag of fortunes when the general finances of Mithuna people is concerned. Be cautious of your moves, vigilance would save you these days. Though losses abound around, keeping your eyes open would help you to get profits through the year. The first half of the year promises good finances for the natives. Unwanted expenditure continues to play havoc in your life this period thanks to the placement of Rahu or the Moon’s north node in your 12th house of Rishabha for the year 2021.


The general health prospects of Mithuna personalities for the year 2021 is not quite good. As Ketu or the Moon’s South node is placed in the 6th house of disease, ill health would confront you through the year. Add to this the major planets Jupiter and Saturn together in a house for the period. However natives could ward off these ill-effects by following good diet plans and easy work outs. Avoid spicy and fatty foodstuff for now.

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