Year 2021 would be a year of mixed fortune for Simha Rasi people. Your joys and sorrows would be oscillating all through the year. As the year starts, there would be goodness thanks to the presence of Rahu in the 10th house. But then the association of Saturn and Jupiter, the two major planets in your evil house of 6th might bring in unwanted diseases, debts and enemies into your life.

Mars would be placed in your 9th house of prosperity and this predicts much luck and fortune for Simha natives through the year. Your professional life would also be just great for the period. Those into business need to be a bit cautious as debts lurk around for the time.

The 2nd house of finances would be strong enough for Simha folks and this promises good finances for the year. This would be the right time for some long term investment plans. However conscious decisions need to be made , else you might incur huge financial losses.

Health would be a source of concern for Simha people this year. Special care would be needed for health, else medical expenditure might abound for you. Especially issues related to stomach, kidney and the limbs are most probable for some natives.

Though love and marriage see no major breakthrough for the period, some of you might tie the knot as the year ends. And your desires and ideals do materialize this year. Simha natives would be able to make some high value pruchases like a dream house or a luxury car as the year unwinds.


Love and marriage prospects of Simha Rasi natives would be quite average for the year ahead. Around the middle of the year, some folks would be able to get into wedlock. For the others, love might meet with impediments and hindrances from family and friends. But then better understanding and commitment to partner would bring betterment as the year progresses.

The last quarter of the year promises better prospects for love to succeed. Natives might strike relationship with a loyal and loving partner these days. Those in a turbulent relationship would find the time ideal to make some serious pruning. Do not hesitate to take some drastic actions if you are in a toxic relationship.


Rahu posited in the 10th house of profession for Simha people promises some good tidings in the professional front. You would be able to succeed in all your professional endeavours. Though there might be troubles in the relationship with authorities and peers, you would be able to break some ice. Beware of frauds and false friends around, as they might be quite jealous of your growth in the career sector.

The major planets of Saturn and Jupiter together in the evil house of 6th would bring in some financial hitches and troubles from enemies in the work place. But then patience and commitment would see you through. Do not stress and strain yourself too much, beyond your limits. This might spoil your personal life and health as well.

Around the middle of the year, there would be some travel owing to your career. Those into business might incur losses for the period, hence they are asked to be cautious. Not a time for them to go in for any sort of expansion and joint ventures.

Mars posited in the 9th house promises good finances owing to career. You would strike good rapport with your higher-ups this year. Better compatibility with subordinates is also assured. Around the middle of the year, there might be some challenges in your work field. You would be asked to prove your mettle then.


The financial status of Simha people for the year 2021 would be mixed. There would be periods of ups and downs. Your expenditure would off shoot the income flow for most of the year. Keep a tab of your finances and strike a budget that includes your income level.

This is not a good time for investments, hence stay away from it as losses loom around. Particularly those aspiring to start a business ought to be careful these days. Do not invest or borrow more than you can handle and avoid an extravagant lifestyle for now.

But then after the middle of the year, your income flow would increase. Add to this an increased expenditure level as well owing to family/social commitments and medical expenses. Pay attention to the little financial expenses too.


The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, the two major outer planets in your 6th house of diseases might prove troublesome for you this year. Hence natives are advised to seek proper and timely medical intervention when the situation warrants the same.

Particularly the digestive system and issues related to blood might trouble you. Beware of catching communicable diseases as well these days. Natives who suffer from chronic issues would see no betterment in sight all through the year. Stick to good health practices to avoid long term repercussions.

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