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For Mithuna Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru moves from the 9th house of Aquarius to the 10th house of Pisces during mid-April, 2022. This places the emphasis on your career and its growth. Saturn or Shani traverses your 8th house of Capricorn and this would not be a positive factor to reckon with. Rahu or the Moon’s North Node transits from your 12th house to the 11th house of gains improving gains in life.

It would also bring about new friends and acquaintances into your fold. Ketu transits from the 6th to the 5th house again getting away from the house of diseases ad debts and bringing in luck, fortune, happiness through children and most importantly love into your life.

The year 2022 would be going to be a fairly normal year for Mithuna Rasi people. This would not be a good time to start anything new. You would be missing some important career and financial opportunities this year. There might be hindrances and delays in your career pursuits. You would not get the help from others in times of need. But then things shall start to look up as the year progresses. Your relationship would improve by the days.

You would be blessed with good finances for the year and all your needs would be met. Mid-year would bring in extra sources of income. Do not resort to speculative deals for now as trouble lurks around here. There might be some indifferences in your personal life. Commitment and better understanding would iron out any indifferences. Health of family members might be a source of concern for some folks. Around the year-end pilgrimage or some long distant travel is on the anvil. Auspicious events at home keep you busy and engaged for most days. Your social life expands and Ketu’s transit would enlarge your friend’s circle. Stress might take a toll on your health, be wary.


During the year 2022, Mithuna Rasi natives would have goodness in marriage and love. You would have ample opportunities to get still closer to your partner. Good understanding, loyalty and commitment would take your relationships to a whole new level and experience. Around mid-year it gets further strengthened. However those who are aspiring for a partner might encounter some troubles in locating them. Some natives might feel being let down by partner. Do not let your partner stray these days, it would be difficult for you to bring him or her back into your fold. Domestic welfare and happiness assured for the committed ones. Birth of a child might bring joy into the marital life of the natives. Some Mithuna folks would be tying the knot this year. Natives are advised to be committed to their partners and talk their heart out to them for goodness in life.


The career prospects of Mithuna Rasi people would be of mixed fortunes. Your hard work and commitment would reward you amicably as the year moves on. Some natives might find that their efforts are not being recognized or rewarded, do not lose hope, keep striving hard. Patience and perseverance would yield good fruits in course of time. Mid-year would offer promotions and pay hikes for the deserving candidates. This is not a favorable time to switch jobs though. Stay away from office gossips and frauds or false friends this year.


The finances of Mithuna Rasi people would be quite average in year 2022. The first quarter of the year would be difficult for you. This is because Rahu is transiting your 12th house. But then around mid-year your finances start to look up. Draw up a budget plan and stick to it through thick and thin. Expense owing to travel likely for some natives. Medical expenditure might also bother Mithuna folks through the year. Both the inflow and outflow of funds would be quite balanced, however you won’t find enough resources to save for tough times. Certain property deals shall pass through and you might stand to gain some fortune through legacy as well as the year unwinds.


The general health of Mithuna Rasi natives or those born with Moon in Gemini sign would have average health for the year 2022. Your immunity might be compromised and there might be occasional minor bouts of health concerns. Follow a strict health routine, plan and make sure you are physically active. Go for periodic check-ups, particularly those with chronic issues ought to be cautious this year. Expect periodic ups and downs with your health all through this period. Kick off bad habits that might be detrimental to your health in the long run.

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