2022 Gemini Horoscope

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This year would bear rudiments of the past year karmas. Through the year, you would have to face the reality of life rather than sticking to fantasy. All your efforts and hard work would be highly supported during the second and third quarter of the year 2022. The middle part of the year would bring you great surprises rather shocks.

Through the year, the planets Saturn and Jupiter would guide you in your footsteps. This is not a time to dream, instead just spring into action.

•  The year 2022 would be full of ups and downs for Gemini people.

•  Through the year, luck and fortune would befall you in the career segment though.

•  Your finances would meet with rough weather, hence stay away from all sorts of specualtive deals this year.

•  The prospects of Gemini students would look good for the period ahead.

Love and Marriage Horoscope 2022 for Gemini

As the year 2022 starts your love ad marriage prospects would be quite troublesome as Mars, the significator or love and marriage would be opposing your homestead. However after the first quarter of the year passes, things shall brighten up in your love arena thanks to the prospects brought about by Venus. Love and romance would get a new meaning in your life. Venus’ movement through the zodiac cycle would bring about a roller coaster ride in your love life. Maintaining a perfect breathable distance with partner and helping to understand him or her better would perfect your love relationships this year.

•  Gemini natives who are married would find the year quite solemn and peaceful.

•  However your natal chart positions would affect your married life in more than one way through the course of the year ahead.

•  For some natives, partner or spouse would be a person of disgrace this period, wise moves are asked from you then.

•  Through the year, the planets Jupiter and Saturn are likely to interfere with the health of your spouse or partner.

•  Venus’ strong positions through the zodiac sky ensures that there is better compatibility with partner.

•  As the year ends, prospective couple are likely to conceive a child much to their surprise.

•  Love shall turn into marriage for some lucky Gemini folks this year.

•  But it would not be a bed of roses, you have to past through many trials on the way.

•  Temporary separation from partner or spouse most likely around the middle of the year for Gemini guys.

•  Your love would mature with time as the year progresses on.

Career Horoscope 2022 for Gemini

It would be quite a mixed year for the professional scope of Gemini people. Much hard work and commitment would be asked from you these days. Through the year, you ought to encounter problems of sorts in your career field. Saturn aspecting your 8th house would give you stiff competition in the work field.

During the second quarter of the year, you would be able to earn the goodwill of authorities and peers. Pay hikes and promotions are then on the cards. Those into teaching profession in particular stand to gain a lot these days. Those pursuing own business would also see better prospects this year after seeing a year or two of lull. Some natives would have the added option of improving their skills by way of higher studies or taking other relevant courses to their area of interest.

•  The second quarter of the year predicts good job positions for Geminis who are on the lookout for jobs or a relocation.

•  There is scope for you to upgrade your knowledge base or to hone your skills these days.

•  Through the year, there might be some career hindrances as your 10th Lord Jupiter is posited in the 8th house which is an evil position.

•  Hard work and some luck would help you to tide over any difficulties in your work field though.

•  Beware of partnership deals in business as troubles lurks around and you might be exposed to some sort of fraudulent deals.

•  Overall, the year promises good career prospects with much hard work and commitment on your part.

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Health Horoscope 2022 for Gemini

Your general health would have its own ups and downs during 2022. Do not be a couch potato and gossip all day long. It would take a toll on your health. Instead keep moving, pursue any physical activity that is close to your heart. Make sure that you socialize as well all through the year, as this is your lifeline, Gemini.

As the year starts there would be good health, but as the second quarter arrives, health might deteriorate for some Gemini chronic people. Saturn or Sani placed in your 8th house would add to your owes. Be wary of what you eat and what you do. There would be general fatigue and issues related to the digestive season this year.

•  Overall, this year Gemini folks would feel very weak and they might be haunted with health issues. This is due to the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th house which is an evil one.

•  Blood related health issues arise, hence natives are advised to follow good health habits.

•  Stay away from spicy and greasy food, better to keep low your non-vegetarian intake as well.

•  Some folks might suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and insomnia issues, however medical intervention would give some relief.