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Jupiter or Guru, the planet of expansion would be in your 11th house of gains as the year starts and blesses the Mesha Rasi natives with good gains. Then in April, it transits to the house of Pisces, which happens to be your 12th house bringing in overseas opportunities and expenditure of sorts. Saturn is placed in your 10th house of Capricorn for the year 2022 and would be restricting your career moves.

Rahu in your 2nd house moves to your Ascendant in mid April and Ketu placed in 8th house of Scorpio transits to your 7th house of Libra affecting your love life and marriage.

In general, the year ahead would be quite a prosperous year for Mesha Rasi people. Your finances would be a bit stable. Around mid-year, however there might be some troubles. Be prepared to handle some hindrances in your work place. Health also needs utmost care for the year 2022. Natives stand to gain by means of travel. Try to balance your finances and your personal life for the year. Challenges come your way, but you would have the guts to fight them out, left , right and centre.


Mesha Rasi natives would be successful in their love and marriage this year. The single ones would be able to meet their partner finally. Most natives would be able to spend quality time with their partner or spouse. Around mid-year, there might be some troubles in personal life though. Handle things calmly and do not be impulsive and take rash decisions. With better understanding things can be sorted out amicably. Build your relationship on mutual trust and harmony and there would be bliss. You would be well supported by your partner all this year. Love blossoms.


According to the planetary positions for the year 2022, Mesha Rasi natives would be bestowed with good career opportunities. You would perform well and get into the good books of your authorities and peers. Promotions and pay hikes would come on you. Around the middle of the year, be cautious of some false friends and frauds in workplace. Those natives aspiring for a new job would find one these days. Mesha folks into business would however find the going tough this year. International contacts would come in for some of your business ventures. Transfers and relocations likely for the aspiring Mesha people. Tackle your work with tact and diplomacy. Stay away from any legal issues as it might hinder your career prospects. Not a time to be lethargic as well.


Natives born under the Moon sign of Mesha or Aries would have good finances in the year 2022. There would be better inflow of funds. However do not over-indulge, keep your expenses under check. During the second half of the year, some of you might need to borrow funds, do not bite more than you can chew. You would get contacts with people who would aid in improving your financial standing. Professional success would result in good finances through the year. Establishing a solid financial base would help you to cope up with any family pressure and medical issues, work towards it.


For the year 2022, Mesha Rasi natives might meet with some health concerns for the first half of the year. Later on the health would improve. Stick to a balanced diet and avoid eating outside. Particularly issues related to the digestive system and blood troubles might arise for some folks. Resort to good physical work outs and meditations to find a way out of these health troubles. The last month of the year also points to some health issues for those with chronic issues. However there would not be any major impacts on life. With proper medical intervention and treatment you can stay safe and healthy. Get plenty of rest as well through the year, do not over-exert.

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