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In 2022, Jupiter or Guru would be transiting from the 4th to the 5th house of Pisces for Vrischikha Rasi people or those born with their Moon in Scorpio. This transit favors your love pursuits, fortune and children’s well being. Saturn or Shani would be transiting from the 4th to the 3rd house. Being a restrictive planet, it affects your domestic life till July then would interfere in the relationship with your siblings. Rahu or the Moon’s North node shifts its position from the 7th

to the 6th house and Ketu transits from your 1st house to the 12th house in mid-April. The nodes thus stand to affect your general health and your foreign opportunities.

This would be a year when Vrischikha Rasi natives would be able to live some of their life’s wildest dreams. As the year starts you might have some bad moments affecting your personal life. But as the year progresses, things shall turn out to be better. For this year, you need to put extra effort to stay afloat. Your business and services would meet with competitions of sorts. Academic pursuits of Vrischikha people is favorable all through this year.

You would encounter major breakthroughs in your professional life. Your talents and creativity would come to the fore. Partnership deals would work out well in business. Love life and marriage would be quite average and uneventful. However some natives might expect a child coming their way through the year. Long distant travel on the cards for the aspiring ones. Unwanted expenditure like medical expenses might pinch your budget after mid-year. Health would waiver through the year. Family and friends need your utmost care and attention all this year. This is not a good time to indulge in extravagant pleasures and high-value purchases.


Your love pursuits are most favored during the year 2022, Scorpio. You would be better able to express your feelings to partner and strengthen your relationship. Single Vrichikha people would locate their ideal mates this year. For some of you, a close friend or ally might run out to be a potential partner for life. Try to stay honest and committed to your partner or spouse. Amy sort of misunderstandings or miscommunication might misfire and mar the relationship. Some sourness though can be expected around mid-year. There would be good rapport with partner in your career and business pursuits too. Domestic welfare and happiness promised owing to your love partner. Your social life also expands thanks to the support of your partner these days.


The first half of the year promises good tidings in the career front for Virschikha Rasi natives in 2022. It would be a favorable period when you acquire name and fame in work place. Around mid-year expect a change or relocation, a switch is also viable if you are looking for the same. However be cautious, as you might lose your position by deception or fraud. Overseas career opportunities abound for some lucky Vrischikha folks. Your hard work and talent would help you to climb the corporate ladder through the year. Those into business would see their prospects dwindle. It would be a slow start, however it would pick up pace as the year progresses. Beware of stiff competition and stay ahead in your field to keep it going.


Natives born with their Moon in Scorpio would be blessed with good finances as the year 2022 starts. Much inflow of finances would be there and you would be able to save the same as well. Despite this, mid-year predicts some troubles in managing your finances. Expenditure might off shoot your financial inflow resulting in dire consequences. Only hard work and commitment in career would help you to stay afloat. Find all ways and means to have a constant source of inflow. This is not a time to purchase any desirable but unwanted things. Not a time to refurbish your home or go on a long vacation. Plan wisely and stick to a strict budgetary plan. Beware of frauds and misappropriation of your funds as well. Any sort of unpleasant experience with finances would mitigate only around the year end.


The general health of those born with Scorpio Moon would be oscillating between several ups and downs through this year. Minor health concerns continue to bother you all this year. But then if you are cautious and take preventive measures, then the effects can be minimized. Get ample rest and stay away from any infections and communicable diseases that would be reducing your general immunity. Health of partner also needs much care these days. Some folks might suffer from issues related to the limbs and weight gain.

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