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Kumbha Rasi natives would be having Jupiter or Guru, the planet that rules knowledge and wisdom in their 1st house in 2022. Jupiter would be transiting to their 2nd house of Pisces in mid April bestowing good finances and family welfare on the natives. Saturn in your 1st house moves to your 12th house of Capricorn in July affecting your overseas prospects. Rahu , the Moon’s North node shifts from your 3rd house of Taurus, to the 2nd house of Aries and Ketu transits

from the 10th to the 9th house and this transit of the nodes would be affecting your finances and prosperity in general.

The year 2022 bestows domestic welfare and happiness for Aquarius natives. Health might take a backseat these days. There would be delays and hindrances in career. Expenditure related to pleasant events is on the cards. Natives are asked to put in more effort to be successful in career consistently. Mid-year would make some of your wildest dreams in life come true. Business would meet with occasional impediments. This is a good time to find ways to improve your financial standing. Academic pursuits of Kumbha Rasi students are highly favored this year. Your social life expands and so would be your love or married life. There might be occasional rifts with partner or elders in family. Avoid all sorts of contentions at home. Health needs much care for Kumbha people. Many challenges unfold in front of you, but you would have the guts to face them head on and win them over.


The planets suggest an average love and marriage prospects for Kumbha Rasi people in 2022. With the year starting, there might be some troubled relationship with your partner or spouse. However things shall not go beyond control. Mid-year would bring about some good moments with your partner, strengthening your love or marriage. Natives are advised to be loyal, committed and lend their ears to partner if the relationship ought to survive. Through the year, there would be fluctuating incompatible relationships with partner, despite your efforts.


The career prospects of Kumbha Rasi people would be very good for the year ahead. Those into services can expect promotions, pay-hikes and the much-needed relocation or transfer. Your commitment and hard work would help you to be valued high by your employers. Natives into business would also make good gains this year. You would be able to expand your business base for now. Mid-year would see some sluggish period, but then as the year progresses your business would pick up pace. Students would be able to complete their academics and see better career fortune. This s a period that pays you well if you are true to your work.


Kumbha Rasi folks would have a troubled financial sanding as the year 2022 starts. Unwanted expenditure from all quarters would bother your spirits. Medical expenses owing to family members would be a major source of concern. This would be draining off your past savings and current financial inflows. Natives need to have proper financial planning and adherence to budget if they need to say afloat. This is not a year for making high value purchases or investments. Live within your means and save whatever small resource your come across. The year-end promises some luck and fortune for the deserving Kumbha Rasi natives. Social works might ask for some finances as well from you these days.


The first half of the year predicts some health concerns for Kumbha Rasi people or those born with Aquarius Moon. Some old issues might flare up again, much to your dismay. Existing chronic issues might worsen if not attended to properly. Your mental health also takes a beating as much stress wears you down. Resort to some good medical intervention that would bail you out. Health troubles related to the limbs and accidents in travel probable. Natives are advised to conquer their health issues by following good health habits. Favorable health can be expected around the end of the year.

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