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In the year 2022, for Makara Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru would be in the 2nd house of Aquarius influencing their finances and family life. In mid- April, Jupiter transits to your 3rd house and stands to affect your relationship with siblings. Saturn or Shani, the restricting planet in your 2nd house of Capricorn shifts to your 1st house in July, 2022. This would affect your life in a negative way. Rahu or the Moon’s North node transits from the 5th to the 4th house of

Aries and Ketu moves from the 11th house to the 10th house also in mid-April. These planetary transits stand to affect all walks of your life through the year.

This year offers some wonderful opportunities in career for Makara Rasi natives. Most of your desires and goals in career would be achieved. Patience and perseverance would see you progress well in the professional field these days. Domestic life would have ups and downs alternating. Finances might take a beating as well if not pursued properly. Sibling rivalry might get highlighted for now. Natives stand to gain through inheritance or legacy these days. Your expenditure might off shoot income flow. Do not stress yourself though, find ways and means to increase the inflow of funds. Travel on the cards around mid-year for some folks. Go it slow in your relationships like love and marriage, as any sort of miscommunication might misfire. Health would be a source of concern too. Some of the best relationships would be forged around the year-end for Makara Rasi natives.


This year holds good promises for Makara Rasi natives as far as their love or marriage is concerned. You would be able to further strengthen your relationship, getting into their good books. The first and the last quarter of the year 2022 are more favorable for love and marriage. Marital bliss assured for the married ones and all sorts of misunderstandings and troubles would be weaned out. Domestic disputes arise, but then family would be a major support in bringing about harmony in your love life. Generally it would be a fantastic period, with the single ones having high time with potential partners. The luminaries might bring occasional incompatible moments though.


Makara Rasi people would have good career scope in the year 2022. There would be good rapport with authorities in work. If you give your all, then you would be rewarded amicably. Through the year, many natives would be able to earn name, fame and repute in their work place. Your great organizing skill would be taking you places this year. Teamwork also pays off now. If you are into business, then the prospects would not be that good this year. Some of you might lose your money, but hard work would keep you above troubled waters. Pay attention to everything in career and do not make compromises when it comes to dedication and commitment. This would help you to excel in profession this year.


As the year 2022 starts, unwanted expenditure might trouble you much. Losses and debts stare at you these days. Lay low, live within your means and avoid unnecessary lifestyle indulgences. Mid-year would see a rise in your financial standing. Then your income flow would stabilize. Makara people into business would see a secured stream of income flow. Natives stand to gain resources by means of speculative deals, however be cautious and do not burn your fingers. Charity and social works would also ask for some funds these days. As the year ends, you would be financially stable and secure.


This would be a generally good year for Makara Rasi people and their health. But the start of the year would be a bit delicate to handle. Resort to physical exercises and good food habits to stay clear in health and well being. Most of your past health concerns would be resolved now. Some natives might suffer health issues owing to stress and strain in career. Seasonal infections might catch you a bit off-guard too at times. Be vigilant for any symptoms and avoid outside food. Mental health also needs to be taken care of. Take periodic breaks from the rigors of life.

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