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In the year 2022, Jupiter or Guru, the planet of expansion transits from the 6th to the 7th house for Kanya Rasi people. This indicates some health concerns till mid-April after which the transit promises goodness in your love life and marriage. Shani or Saturn moves from Aquarius to Capricorn in July 2022, from your 6th the 5th house. And this transit restricts your general health. Also luck shall elude you and there might be some troubles with regard to children, if any in your life.

Rahu or the Moon’s Node transits from the 9th house of Taurus to the 8th house of Aries in mid-April. And Ketu moves from your 3rd to 2nd house. This would better your finances after April.

Kanya Rasi natives would do good in their professional life this year. They would be able to showcase your abilities to those in power. Do not make hasty decisions though. Those into business would also find the year quite advantageous for them. New acquaintances would help you to rev up your standing. Kanya students might feel some hindrances for their academic and research projects this period. This year is very favorable to expand your social life. Family troubles on the cards for the first half of the year. Do try to strike a good balance between personal and professional life. The end of the year foretells some health concerns for the Kanya Rasi people.


The love life of Kanya Rasi people or those born with Moon in Virgo would be of mixed fortune for the year ahead. Honesty and loyalty are the keywords for this area. There would be ample opportunities to get further close to your partner or spouse these days. Get into their good books, which further strengthens your bonding. Do not let any third person interfere with your love life. This is a great year to tie the knot if you have been vying this idea for a long time. Calm and peaceful period forecast around the middle of the year. There might be ways that ask you to stray, be committed to your partner, do not yield to any sort of temptations. Though many outside attempts would be made to wreak havoc in your love or marriage, your standing tall and strong , hand in hand with your partner would just do wonders.


It would be a low-key affair in your career field all this year. Natives would be blessed with desirable transfers and relocations. Those looking for a change or switch in job would be able to do the same. But then this new position would ask for much hard work and commitment on your part. Natives are advised to stay focused and be cautious of office gossip and hypocrisy. Some natives would make mistakes that would cost them dear. It would be a roller coaster ride, with periodic ups and downs in the professional arena. Mid-year might bring in unwanted changes in the work place. Business pursuits of Kanya natives would also be making good profit this period. Natives into marketing or sales related positions would be doing very good all this year. Freshmen would be able to land up in their dream job but after some delays and hindrances till the year-end.


Your finances would be quite average and favorable all through this year, Virgo. Inflow of funds through two or more sources would be satisfactory. Some natives stand to gain property and finances through legacy or marriage. But then legal issues might drain your financial reserves. Unwanted expenditure like that of medical expenses for family members would also meddle with your savings. You would earn enough to lead a decent life though. This is a good time to invest in landed property or real estate deals. Good connection with elders in society and friends would help you to improve your finances through the year.


Natives born with their Moon in Virgo would command good health and cheer all this year. Though as the year starts there might be some accidents, surgery if they are not cautious enough. The first half of the year would be marked with sporadic incidents of minor health concerns. Natives are advised to take good care and go in for preventive measures. Do stay active and listen to your body and mind. Travels might bring in infections of sorts to the chronic people born under Knaya Rasi. Natives are asked to give up all bad food habits and to resort to physical activity to stay healthy.

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