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The 2022 Vedic Horoscopes from findyourfate.com will give you a complete overview of the year ahead based on vedic astrology principles. It is going to be a year of mixed fortunes for all the Moon signs or Rasis. Planning to get married, feel like going abroad for career, expecting a child.. Read the horoscope for your moon sign. The horoscopes give a detailed view of your personal life, your career, love, health and finances for the year 2022. It is based on analysis and predictions based on the planetary movements and alignments set for the year 2022.

Through the year, the Moon zings past the zodiac sky several hundred times, with it staying in a single zodiac sign for not more than two days or so. As always, the Sun the other luminary spends about a month in each zodiac sign transiting the houses around the middle of the English calendar months. Mercury too being an inner planet sweeps through the zodiac houses and does not forget to retrograde for about three times in 2022. Mars and Venus also make their stints in the zodiac houses as the year progresses affecting your power struggle and love life.

Jupiter or Guru would be transiting the house of Aquarius, then in April 2022 it moves over to the house of Pisces and stays there for the rest of the year. Saturn continues its stint in Capricorn, affecting our career moves. Rahu or the Moon’s North node in Taurus as the year starts moves over to Aries in mid-April and Ketu or the Moon’s South node in Scorpio transits to Libra in mid-April. All these planetary movements affect the individual moon signs variably through the year. Read on for your Moon sign forecasts.

Important Fasting (vrata) days for 2022

Mesha Horoscope 2022

Mesha 2022
Jupiter or Guru, the planet of expansion would be in your 11th house of gains as the year starts and blesses the Mesha Rasi natives with good gains.Then in April, it transits to the house of Pisces, which happens to be your 12th house bringing in overseas opportunities and expenditure of sorts. more...

Rishabha Horoscope 2022

Rishabha 2022
In the year 2022, for Rishabha Rasi natives, Jupiter or Guru, the planet that rules over wealth and wisdom would be in the 10th house of Aquarius till April, promising good career scope. Then it transits to your 11th house of Pisces which predicts much gains in life. more...

Mithuna Horoscope 2022

Mithuna 2022
For Mithuna Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru moves from the 9th house of Aquarius to the 10th house of Pisces during mid-April, 2022. This places the emphasis on your career and its growth.Saturn or Shani traverses your 8th house of Capricorn more...

Kataka Horoscope 2022

Kataka 2022
For Kataka Rasi folks, Jupiter would be moving from the 8th house of Aquarius to the 9th house of Pisces during mid-April, 2022. This forebodes general prosperity and chances of higher learning for Kataka Rasi folks.more...

Simha Horoscope 2022

Simha 2022
Simha Rasi people would see Jupiter transit from their 7th to 8th house in mid-April of 2022. This would be affecting their love and marital life quite considerably. Saturn or Shani moves from the 7th to the 6th house in July 2022. more...

Kanni Horoscope 2022

Kanni 2022
In the year 2022, Jupiter or Guru, the planet of expansion transits from the 6th to the 7th house for Kanya Rasi people. This indicates some health concerns till mid-April after which the transit promises goodness in your love life and marriage. more...

Tula Horoscope 2022

Tula 2022
For the year 2022, Jupiter or Guru transits from the 5th house to the 6th house for Tula Rasi people in April. This assures luck and fortune till that period and then your health gets highlighted. Saturn or Shani transits from the 5th to the 4th house of Capricorn more...

Vrischikha Horoscope 2022

vrischikha 2022
In 2022, Jupiter or Guru would be transiting from the 4th to the 5th house of Pisces for Vrischikha Rasi people or those born with their Moon in Scorpio. This transit favors your love pursuits, fortune and children’s well being. Saturn or Shani would be transiting from the 4th to the 3rd house. more...

Dhanus Horoscope 2022

Dhanus 2022
For Dhanus Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru which rules over wisdom and family transits from the 3rd to the 4th house of Pisces and this predicts domestic welfare and happiness. Saturn or Shani moves from the 3rd house to the 2nd house of Capricornmore...

Makara Horoscope 2022

Makara 2022
In the year 2022, for Makara Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru would be in the 2nd house of Aquarius influencing their finances and family life. In mid- April, Jupiter transits to your 3rd house and stands to affect your relationship with siblings.more...

Kumbha Horoscope 2022

Kumbha 2022
Kumbha Rasi natives would be having Jupiter or Guru, the planet that rules knowledge and wisdom in their 1st house in 2022. Jupiter would be transiting to their 2nd house of Pisces in mid April bestowing good finances and family welfare on the natives.more...

Meena Horoscope 2022

Meena 2022
In 2022, Jupiter would be in your 12th house of Aquarius till mid-April and then it transits to your 1st house. This is a favorable transit and promises goodness for Meena Rasi people. Saturn or Shani, the planet of restriction transits from your 12th to the 11th house of Capricornmore...


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