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In 2022, Jupiter would be in your 12th house of Aquarius till mid-April and then it transits to your 1st house. This is a favorable transit and promises goodness for Meena Rasi people. Saturn or Shani, the planet of restriction transits from your 12th to the 11th house of Capricorn in July 2022, and this would affect the gains and prosperity in life. Troubles from friends are also probable. Rahu, the Moons North Node shifts from your 3rd house of Taurus to 2nd house of Aries

and Ketu, the South node transits from the 9th to the 8th house. These transits sure would affect the life of Meena Rasi people all through this year.

During the year you stand to gain new friends into your fold. Your sense of optimism towards life increases for the year. You would be more than willing to put extra effort these days and this would fetch you good career and financial returns. There would be good relationship with partner/spouse. Domestic welfare and happiness assured and any family troubles or disputes would be resolved amicably. Some expenditure owing to auspicious events at home likely. Good relationship will exist with colleagues and authorities in work place. Career change likely if you are willing to take a detour these days. Pisces guys would perform well in joint ventures this year. However natives are advised to stay away from speculative deals as losses abound here. Some long distant journey on the cards for the Meena Rasi people. Maintain a good balance between personal and career life as there might be loss in quality of life. This year, some folks would be able to buy their dream home or luxury vehicle. Natives into academics would excel. This is a good time to initiate a spiritual journey if you are on the religious side.


The love life and marriage of Meena Rasi people is highly favored for the year 2022. Single ones would get married. The married ones however might find some hiccups as the year starts. Conflicts and rifts due to misunderstanding on the cards. This would be a temporary thing and love shall come back into your fold with some commitment from both the sides. Family would be a major source of strength and support for your love endeavors this year. Natives are asked to avoid straying from a relationship as familial relations would suffer. You would be emotionally well balanced though through the year. The second half of the year promises some good tidings on the love front for Pisces guys.


Meena Rasi guys into career or work would find the year start on a good note. You would be able to perform quite well all this year. And this would earn you laurels, promotions , name and repute in your career arena. Mid-year would be much more favorable, some of you might go on long distant foreign journeys owing to career. And some of you would earn a top position in your work place. But then this comes with a catch, extra effort and commitment would be needed. New acquaintances come to you improving your career skills. There might be occasional rifts with peers in workplace, do not take it to your head. Meena Rasi people into business would see mediocre performance for the year. However ample opportunities come to expand your territory these days.


In terms of finances, this year ahead would be very favorable for Meena Rasi people. You would be blessed with good financial resources all through the year. But then around mid-year, be wary of your financial spending. Tax burdens likely for some of you, plan wisely and save some to avoid the same. Money owed to you for long would come back to you during the year. You would be financially independent like never before. Your past investments would pay back. Do make good long term investments or savings for now as well. Luck and fortune shall befall you as the year unwinds.


There would be some health concerns in the life of Meena Rasi natives during the start of the year 2022. Follow good food habits and physical exercises to maintain good health. Chronic issues should be attended to this year, for long term relief. Mid-year would bring about occasional bouts of issues related to the digestive system, however there would not be any major impacts. Natives are also prone to infectious and communicable diseases through the course of the year. Health of children and elders in the family needs utmost care for the year.

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