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Simha Rasi people would see Jupiter transit from their 7th to 8th house in mid-April of 2022. This would be affecting their love and marital life quite considerably. Saturn or Shani moves from the 7th to the 6th house in July 2022. Hence your marriage or love prospects would be spared. But then health and financial issues might confront you owing to this transit. Rahu or the Moon’s Node transits from Taurus your 10th house to Aries, 9th house.

And Ketu moves from 4th to 3rd house. All these transits would be affecting Simha Rasi natives through the year. Read on for more on how these would affect various aspects of your life.

This year, some of the dreams of Simha Rasi people would materialize. It might be owning your dream home or a luxury car. Expenditure related to that might burn your fingers, but then you would be able to bear the same thanks to good financial flow for the year. Stick to ethical practices in work as there lurks many temptations for you through the period. There might be some career or business impediments around the start of the year. Mid-year bring competitions and peer pressure in work place. Disappointments with regard to love and marriage might bother you occasionally too.

The last quarter of the year predicts certain domestic issues that meddle with general welfare and happiness. But make sure that you stay away from a stressed atmosphere. Academic pursuits are most favored through the year. Do not rush in on new found relationships for now. Health concerns likely for some Simha folks. Be cautious when driving and using gadgets, this is an accident prone area. Lay low, be patient and take one step at a time in relationships, finances and career, in this way you may avoid tripping down.


The year 2022 starts with much fun-fare in your love and marital fronts. But do not be led astray, remain committed and loyal to partner for the long distant run. The middle of the year promises some good tidings in this area. You would be able to mend bridges and amend relationship issues. Quality time ought to be spend with partner or spouse for goodness in the relationship. Though occasional rifts and misunderstandings arise, your commitment should make things straight these days. This year is also a good time to expand your social circle and improve your relationship base.


The professional Simha Rasi natives would have a generally favorable period all through 2022. All their past efforts would yield good fruits now. However you need to keep working hard, any laxity on your part, would see your standing being grabbed by a potential opponent/colleague. Mid-year would help you to bring your talents and creativity to the fore. Good rapport would be established with peers and authorities in work place. Simha people into business would also see good prospects this year. Be cautious before starting any new venture. Stay away from any sort of speculation with regard to career. Do not take new responsibilities that you cannot handle for now.


Your finances would be average all this year, Simha. Expenditure might overshoot your income flow too at times. Make sure that you outlay a budget plan and stick to it. Mid-year promises some inflow of financial resources. This year is not a good time for huge long term investments plans and high-value purchases. Legal wrangling related to financial issues would be favorable to you. Connections with people of high standing would help you to further your financial standing these days. Despite all these you need to put a solid effort to balance your finances, as trouble lurks around.


This would be an average year for the health prospects of Simha Rasi people. Though there might be occasional health concerns, there would be no major impacts on life. Some natives might have troubles related to the stomach and kidneys this period. Mid-year promises good health and cheer in your household. Natives are asked to follow good diet practices to come off clean. Stress and strain might also impede with your general health and well being, take care. Your lifestyle ought to be altered or tweaked if you need to have better health in the clming days.

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