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For Kataka Rasi folks, Jupiter would be moving from the 8th house of Aquarius to the 9th house of Pisces during mid-April, 2022. This forebodes general prosperity and chances of higher learning for Kataka Rasi folks. Saturn transits from the 8th to the 7th house in July, 2022. This would be affecting your love life or marriage prospects. Rahu moves from the 11th to the 10th house in mid-April improving your career standing.

Ketu or the Moon’s South Node transits from the 5th to the 4th house. Your domestic welfare and happiness stands to be influenced by this transit.

Kataka Rasi natives are advised to take good care of their health this year as trouble seems to be in store. Be cautious of your finances as well these days. Career fortunes would be mixed for the year ahead. Be prepared to handle any changes in your professional life. Much travel on the cards owing to career for Kataka Rasi folks. Mid-year opens opportunities for starting own business. This period might bring in unexpected expenditure from all quarters. Not much luck and fortune on the cards for Kataka people, only hard work would pay you back. Academic pursuits are highly favored for this year. Love life and marriage would be highly emphasized during 2022. The start of the year might bring about some rifts with partner, however as the year progresses things shall settle down quite amicably. Family reputation stands to get affected for some Kataka people, work towards uplifting the same.


As the year 2022 starts, love and marriage would be very auspicious for Kataka Rasi personalities. You would be better able to express your love and warmth to your partner. And the single Kataka Rasi folks would be able to get their best love experiences in recent times. Natives are advised to stay committed and loyal to their partners through the year for goodness in their personal lives. Mid-year might bring about some crisis despite your efforts. Communicate freely with your partner/spouse and dispel all impediments. Patience and perseverance would be the key to happiness in love and marriage this year. Act wisely and enjoy your love life. Do not let outside environment and domestic commitments upset your love balance.


The career prospects of Kataka Rasi people would be very good for the year 2022. Hard work and commitment pays off literally. Most natives would see them handle additional responsibility these days. In spite of this do not rest on your laurels nor take success to your head. Mid-year seems to be quite eventless for most of the Cancer natives. Then as the second half of the year starts, things shall develop swiftly. Your rise would be quite phenomenal and you would earn name and fame in society. Your stellar performance would help you to prosper well in life. Business prospects would also be good, but then co-operative deals need to be handled with care as there exists the issue of trust with others. You would get the good connections of big names in society that would further your career growth.


As the year starts there would be good finances for the Kataka Rasi people. Myriad sources of income come for you. Natives are however are asked to stay away from gambling, speculation, frauds and false financial promises. Mid-year would bring some unwanted expenditure steeping you into financial turbulence. For those into business the period looks quite promising. Challenges come your way, but then you would find ways to tackle the same and stay above troubled waters. Hard work and commitment would bless you with good scope both in services and business. Your career opportunities improve as the year moves on. Freshmen would find new avenues to further their financial dreams. And those looking for a breakthrough would find the same around the end of the year when your financial prospects start to look up for the better.


Natives born with Moon in Cancer or Kataka Rasi are predicted with some health concerns for the year 2022. Issues related to skin and digestive troubles are likely. Some past ailments also resurface now bothering your spirits. Around mid-year, there would be generally good heath for the natives. Mental health also needs to be taken care of well as you are more prone to the same thanks to your ruling Lord Moon. Do not over-exert but make physical workouts a regular routine. This would be more beneficial for your body and mind. Health of children and elders in the family would need constant care these days.

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