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For Dhanus Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru which rules over wisdom and family transits from the 3rd to the 4th house of Pisces and this predicts domestic welfare and happiness. Saturn or Shani moves from the 3rd house to the 2nd house of Capricorn for you and this would affect your finances and family welfare. Rahu, the Moon’s North node transits from the 6th house to the 5th house of Aries and Ketu moves from your 12th house to the 11th house of Libra.

This transit of the Lunar Nodes affects your love, fortune and gains through the year. The above transits affect various facets of your life including career, family, finances and health.

The year promises much travel and adventure for the Sagittarius folks. Social and charity works are favored all this year. There would be gains through friends and children. At times, domestic welfare stands to get affected though. The year promises great advancements in your career. Your finances would improve thanks to the same. You would earn repute in the work place. Good financial gains come for you through the year. Those into business would be able to expand . Relationships and marriage need commitment and loyalty. Unwanted expenditure might bother you if you are not careful in spending and indulging. Better go in for long term investments these days. Mid-year brings about some temper tantrums in your life marring family happiness. No major health concerns foreseen, but then minor infections are likely for the immunity compromised Sagittarius people.


Year 2022 would be a great year in terms of love and marriage for Dhanus Rasi natives. Though there would be occasional rifts with partner, you would feel more closer to your partner than ever before. As the year starts, love would blossom for many single Sage people. The married ones would enjoy conjugal felicity. There would be better understanding with partner these days. To keep your relationships strong, strive hard to enjoy the goodwill of your partner. Do not let stress or strain enter into your love or marriage. Some natives would be able to conceive a child this year. Natives are advised to stay away from any sort of straying or flirting as it would affect your life forever.


The start of the year 2022 promises good tidings for the career prospects of Dhanus Rasi people. Your efforts and hard work would be rewarded and you stand to enjoy the goodwill of your peers and authorities at work. Good inflow of money is also promised. Mid-year however indicates some challenging situations in career, the pressure, stress and strain on you would be very high. Make sure that you safeguard your repute. Those folks into business would see a gainful period all this year. Partnership deals would do good and help you to expand your territory and contacts. Be cautious though of high value of inputs into any venture. Look out for frauds and false acquaintances for the period. Much travel owing to profession on the cards for the adventure loving Sages.


The finances of Dhanus Rasi guys would be wonderful for the year ahead. There would be good inflow of funds and a structured outflow. No major financial issues of concern arise for the year. However natives are asked to devise a budget and live within their means. Money that had been owed to you for long would now come into your fold. Some natives are bound to gain through marriage, legacy or heredity. The first half of the year brings about new avenues for making money. Through the year, you would be able to wipe away all loans and bad debts. Charity and social works would ask for a sizeable amount of your financial resources, but it would give mental satisfaction and peace of mind.


There might be some health concerns as year 2022 starts for Dhanus Rasi guys. Food allergies and indigestion might haunt you. Some folks might experience issues related to the eyes and limbs. Be cautious, get appropriate medical help whenever essential. Do not ignore any mild symptoms these days. Lack of good diet and physical workouts might take a toll on your general well-being this year. Mid-year would bring about some comfort. Make a good routine for personal and professional life and follow it in earnest to come out healthy as the year moves on.

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