2022 Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope 2022 | Predictions 2022 | Astrology 2022

Year 2022 would be a year of mixed fortunes for Virgo natives. As the year starts there would be goodness around. However by the middle of the year, you ought to be quite cautious as troubles abound everywhere. This period with Jupiter in Pisces asks for commitment from you all. Through the year you would be very lucid, plain and would have a free reign over things around you. However you need to restrain yourself. Think clearly before you venture into action.

•  The middle of the year, especially around April to September, would pose you with a lot of troubles and problems.

•  Virgos into business however would see good results for the year.

•  The start of the year would bless you with good financials, be cautious though around the middle.

•  Virgo students are asked to put in much hard work this year to be successful

•  A sense of confusion, worries and anxieties might bother Virgo people this year.

•  Home affairs would be sort of disturbed all this time.

•  Natives are asked to thrive for peace and harmony in personal and professional relationships all this year.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2022 For Virgo

As the year 2022 starts, Venus the planet of love would be placed in Capricorn. This assures goodness in your love life, there would not be any major intrusions or invasions. But when it transits through Pisces, there might be some troubles. There would be much more demand on your love life, you would be stressed out a lot. Add to this Jupiter would bring about some incompatibility with partner for the first half of the year. Be loving, loyal and understanding that would go a long way in bettering your love prospects for the year ahead.

•  The first quarter of the year would be very favourable for Virgo singles, as they would be able to experience the love of their lives.

•  Around the middle of the year, the singles might get married if willing.

•  The year would be quite average for people who are already married.

•  Partner would excel in his/her life and this would improve your financials for the year.

•  Some of you might be annoyed by your partner, it is good if you digest/oversee their misdeeds for now.

•  Health of partner or spouse needs particular care this year.

•  Some Virgos might be temporarily separated from partner owing to their career relocations.

•  Trouble brews with in-laws around the middle of the year, be patient and sort things out amicably with honest talks.

•  For the married ones, there would be many ups and downs in their married life through the year.

•  A great time when Virgos would be able to strengthen their love life despite odds around.

Career horoscope 2022 For Virgo

The career prospects of Virgo natives would fare well this year. As the year starts, it would be a smooth sail for you. There would not be any major hindrances for your career aspirations. You would be free from enemies and competitors of sorts in the work place. And would be able to concentrate on your work and earn the goodwill of authorities..

Around the middle of the year, there would be good gains from your career. You would be eligible for pay hikes and promotions. Anything that you start this time, like a new business venture would see good scope. Partnership deals would also work out well. You would get opportunities to hone your skills as well.

•  Expect major changes in your career life for the year 2022, Virgo.

•  Saturn or Sani transiting your 5th house would bring about frequent relocation owing to career changes for the natives.

•  The middle of the year would bring about a major changeover in your career path, some you might take a major detour then.

•  Opportunities abound for Virgo folks who are ready to walk the extra mile during these tough times.

•  The first half of the year would be more favourable for your career prospects than the latter half.

•  Occasionally there might be some compatible issues with peers and authorities in work place.

•  Not a time for making major investments if you are pursuing business as losses and debts loom large around.

•  The year-end offers some good prospects in the career area of Virgo folks

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Health horoscope 2022 For Virgo

The general health and well being would be full of up and downs for Virgo folks during year 2022. Your mental health stands to be affected a lot thanks to your emotional upheaval. Find ways and means to unload the same. Follow some physical exercises and meditations to inspire yourself. As Jupiter or Guru loiters in your 6th house of diseases this year, there would be occasional minor health issues. Those are unavoidable, however look out for ways and means to prevent the same. After the first quarter of the year, Jupiter would transit to your 7th house and then your heath would improve quite drastically. Then the aspect of Jupiter on your Ascendant would pave for your physical and well being.

•  Virgos would have a generally good year as far as their health is concerned.

•  The nodes of the Moon would give you the energy and will power to forge ahead despite occasisonal minor health concerns.

•  For the first quarter of the year, major health scares would arise.

•  Virgo natives with chronic issues might suffer a lot, especially those with diabetes, blood pressure issues and respiratory disorders.

•  Also some natives would have troubles with their digestive system this year.

•  Stay away from stressing yourself these days, as this goes a long way in securing your health.