2022 Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope 2022 | Predictions 2022 | Astrology 2022

This year, Aquarius people would be more organized, patient and contented in life. For the year, Saturn would be in your sign and this would bring about stability but sort of restrictions for you. Jupiter in your 2nd house of Pisces would bring about betterment in your financial side and family life. Now you would be able to give wings to your ideas and ideals. All hindrances disappear and you slowly start to gain speed.

But then do not be impulsive and take rash decisions. Uranus would put a brake occasionally for your plans. Only if you have a fool-proof plan for all your ventures can you forge ahead this year. This period asks for much hard work and commitment on your part.

•  In 2022, Aquarius natives would be highly blessed with all earthly riches.

•  The start of the year forebodes goodness in your career and business.

•  However be cautious in mid-year, as troubles lurk around in many areas.

•  Many profitable travels are on the cards for the aspiring Aquarius.

•  Beware of your finances, as through the year, you might seem extreme levels of finances, there would be periods of good and bad finances alternating.

•  Do not over-indulge with your finances, instead bank on them and try to live a modest life.

•  Family of Aquarius folks would call for their undivided attention and time this year.

•  Your educational pursuits might meet with impediments at times.

•  The first half of the year promises goodness in your love and marriage.

•  But around mid-year, some familial issues crop up marring relationship with spouse or partner.

•  The love prospects of Aquarius singles would be very good and most of you might be able to tie the knot before the year ends.

•  Health issues would haunt Aquarius natives this year. In particular limb ailments and issues of the digestive system predominate.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

The first quarter of the year 2022 would be uneventful in your love life or marriage. As the second one starts, your love life is in for a bloom. Things would just get better by the days in love and marriage for Aquarius people. There would be s great sense of relief and you would be able to be in good terms with partner these days. If you can manoeuvre things skilfully, then your love would flourish all this year.

Through the year, Saturn in your 2nd house would be sort of restricting your expression of love and romance. A sense of impatience would set in occasionally. You would not be able to take what your partner does in a lighter vein. However by mid-year, you shall earn the goodwill of your partner. The planets help in reinforcing your love and marriage. If you manage your relationships well, there would be success in your love and marriage till around the end of the year.

•  The married life of Aquarius natives would be quite good this year. Not much surprises can be expected here.

•  Spouse of married natives would do well in their career improving the finances of the household.

•  Though minor issues crop in your relationship, you would be able to sort them out by talking things over.

•  The start of the year would bring gains through partner for Aquarius folks.

•  Around mid-year, be prepared for some troubles from partner and in-laws.

•  The second half of the year would be much better than the first half of the year in your love and marriage.

•  Stay alert, there might be ways to split you apart from partner these days by enemies and relatives with a hidden agenda.

•  Aquarius in love relationships would find year 2022 very much favourable for their love.

•  The second half of the year brings the aspiring Aquarius singles to tie the knot.

•  The end of the year might cause temporary separation from partner/lover owing to some misunderstandings, you ought to work your way out.

Career horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

Year 2022 would be a great and favourable period for the career pursuits of Aquarius people. This is because Jupiter, the planet of expansion and profession would be aspecting your 7th house. There would be good inflow of finances and you would get promotions and pay hikes through the year. However after mid-year, Saturn aspecting your 10th house might cause problems and stiff competition from colleagues in workplace. Though this year would help you to climb up the corporate ladder, it would not be an easy task. You would be meeting lots of hindrances and troubles en-route to success in career for the year. Keep working hard and put in all your might.

•  The career life of Aquarius natives would be full of ups and downs all this year.

•  A the year starts, you would get the full support and cooperation of authorities and peers in work place.

•  The first and second quarter of the year favour those who are looking for a change of job, or relocation or transfer.

•  Mid-year would bring about certain crisis in your career, there might be stiff competition in work place and troubles and hindrances from hidden enemies.

•  However the last quarter of the year would offer good tidings in your career field.

•  Some of you might meet with tremendous success in services or gains in business as the year edges on.

•  Year-end also has many travels owing to business or career for some Aquarius people.

•  Aquarius business people are however advised not to invest heavily this year, instead continue suo motto.

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Health horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

All this year, Saturn would be in your sign and brings periodic bouts of low energy levels along with fatigue. You have to go through this. The aspiring Aquarius folks would be able to loss their much needed weight this year. Do not over-work or stress yourself much. Take ample rest and let go off of any tension around. Mid-year might bring you some respite though.

This year is not a much favourable year as far as the heath prospects of Aquarius people is concerned. After hard toils you would be worn out. Jupiter also in your Ascendant house would however protect you from major health concerns all this year. Native are advised to maintain good diet practices. Some of you might catch infectious diseases, but then there would be no impacts on your general well being and life.

•  Your lord Saturn, transiting your own sign all this year, might weaken your general health.

•  Take care of your diet as issues related to digestion and infectious diseases might haunt you this year.

•  Your health might interfere with your personal and professional life marring all betterment.

•  Give importance to the minor ailments as prevention is a lot better than cure for now.

•  The third quarter of the year mainly would pose you lot of health issues, destabilizing you.

•  Follow some physical and mental works to keep yourself engaged and occupied all this days, do not let stress and strain get on your nerves.