2022 Aquarius Horoscope

Finance horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

This year would be quite an average year for the financial prospects of Aquarius people. Though you cannot expect a windfall, there would be a perennial flow of funds. Also your expenditure might go out of control these days, hence be cautious. During the second quarter, Jupiter moves over to your 2nd house of finances , when you can experience some goodness .

The year would be favourable for you to make some high value purchases like jewellery and landed property. There might be sudden gains of wealth as well through the year. Bank on them, and do not make any impulsive and hasty decision that would mar your financial future.

•  Aquarius people would have some financial troubles this year, this is because your expenses would offshoot your income as Saturn continues in your sign.

•  Natives are advised to curb their expenses from the start of the year 2022 itself.

•  From April, Jupiter the planet of finances would visit your homestead and this assures betterment of your financials.

•  The last quarter of the year would bring in unwanted expenditure of sorts, especially on the medical side.

•  Your social and charity works would also ask for major financial spending on your part.

•  Aquarius people are advised to devise a viable budget plan and stick to it all through the year, else they might land in trouble as the year ends.

Education horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

The year would ask the Aquarius students to plunge in with all their devotion to succeed in their studies. Jupiter and Saturn would make sure that you go through all the exams and tests that you take through the year ahead. As the second quarter of the year starts, things would be favourable for you to pursue higher studies and overseas study opportunities abound for those aspiring for the same.

Things would not be a cake-walk though, much effort and commitment would be needed. Those into science and technical studies would see their prospects quite average for the year. Particularly students into medicine, information and media would see viable results for their efforts for now.

Family horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

The family life of Aquarius folks would be very good and satisfactory this year. After the first quarter of the year, Jupiter transiting to your 2nd house would bring about peace, harmony and a tranquil atmosphere in your home front. Birth of a child in the family would bring joy, marriage talks also likely in some households. You would get the full support and love of siblings and family members all these days. However natives need to be alert, as maternal troubles and expenses are on the cards. Your social standing also expands this year.

•  Though the family life of Aquarius folks would be good, Rahu or the Moon’s north node posited in your 4th house might play some spoil-sport.

•  Temporary separation from family on the cards for some Aquarius people owing to career changes this year.

•  Change of residence also foreseen for folks who are likely to buy their own dream home.

•  Certain family commitments might ask for a sizeable chunk of your finances this year, be wary.

•  Health issues of father and some expenditure related to paternal law suits also probable for some guys this year.

Travel horoscope 2022 For Aquarius

Year 2022 would be a very good year for the travel prospects of Aquarius people. Saturn in your 12th house would bring about some foreign travels as the year starts. Later on both long and short distant journeys are most probable for the natives. These would be owing to career and would bring you good gains and pleasure. However natives are advised to be cautious of certain accidents in travel as both Jupiter and Saturn together would be aspecting your 8th house of Virgo.

Advice For Aquarius in 2022

Aquarius natives are advised not to tackle issues head-on. They are asked not to force their ideas and ideals on others. It is better that they create positive relationships for the year rather than making enemies by voicing their opinion in public.