Saturn Types

Saturn types are usually the least attractive of planetary types. They are unusually tall or short, thin and bony. They may have large noses or large teeth,with unrefined countenances. Their hands and feet tend to be large. Their skin is dry, rough or cracked and tinged brown or black. Their hair is brittle; their nails may be cracked. A more attractive Saturn type does exist, usually as an artist with some Venus influence.

The person is dark, elusive, gaunt and striking in appearance.Saturn types are the most disease-prone of all planetary types. They have usually low vitality, poor endurance, and cannot handle much stress. They run cold and have poor digestion and poor circulation. They tend towards constipation and to accumulate waste materials in the body. They are often chronically ill and may die young.

Psychologically, Saturn types are saturnine. They are overly serious, even morbid. They are usually pessimistic and may suffer from depression. They are generally introverted, solitary and often selfish. The many difficulties that they face in life make them insensitive to the needs of others. They may be miserly and overly calculating. As what they gain only comes through much effort, they are unwilling to share it. They tend toward worry, fear or anxiety, seldom smile and are rarely really happy. They are practically- minded and seldom good dreamers or inventors.

Saturn Types

Higher Saturn types are yogis, ascetics or monks who renounce the world. They possess detachment and are free of emotional fluctuations. They are beyond the cares of the world. Lower types, on the other hand, may be criminals, underworld figures or tyrants (particularly when the influence of Saturn combines with that of Mars). They are suspicious and paranoid, greedy and selfish.

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