Moon Types

Moon types are dominated by the water element and show the water element in its greatest flourishing. They have round faces and round well developed flesh or corpulent bodies.They have attractive faces, hair and features, particularly when young and can be quite beautiful, possessing a certain luminosity. With age they tend to become maternal types and put on weight and water.

For women this often happens after the birth of the first child or after the age of thirty. They possess an abundance of vital fluids and have thick, shiny oily hair and skin. Their complexion is usually fair or whitish, and the whites of the eyes are pronounced. Lunar women usually have a good development of the breasts and thighs.

Moon Types

Moon types run cold and damp and can easily accumulate phlegm and mucus. They often develop water retention. They have strong lungs and good voices but often suffer from congestion. Usually they live long and are healthy, but may have some constant minor health problems. Often the kidneys are their weakest organ. They are prone to laziness or excessive sleep.

Psychologically speaking they are also maternal, loving, caring, nurturing and helpful to others. They are loyal and dependent and make good friends and marriage partners. They are good cooks and are domestically oriented. Their life is centered in home and family. Yet once they overcome their basic shyness and learn to relate on a public level they can succeed socially or politically and become good and sensitive leaders.

Moon types are highly emotional, romantic and sentimental and cry easily. Though they are easily hurt, they easily forgive and forget. Their emotional sensitivity is not always a real sensitivity to the emotions of others; sometimes they may be so caught in their own emotional responses that they cannot really see what others are feeling. Yet their emotional sensitivity may give them artistic talents, particularly for the performing arts.