Planetary Types

One of the best ways to understand people is according to their planetary types. This is the foundation of all deeper astrological studies. Generally people are characterized by one planetary type.Individuals will reflect their ruling planet, both in terms of physiology and psychology. While a certain spectrum of types exists under each planet, as each planet has both higher and lower energies, still each maintains its main characteristics.

The following types are indicative only and not to be taken too rigidly. Planetary types may combine two or three planets in relatively equal strength, so these delineations have to be modified accordingly.

Planetary Types

Sun, Mars and Ketu types are usually Pitta (fire). Moon, Jupiter and Venus are usually Kapha (water). Saturn, Mercury and Rahu are usually Vata (air). But this is not always the case. Planetary types are more psychological than physical in nature.

Some people may reflect one planet on an inner or spiritual level but another planet on an outer or mundane level. A person, for example, may have a very devoted, lunar soul but outwardly be very thin and dry. Again nature has basic types but plays the full spectrum of her qualities and is not rigidly limited by her general laws. Basic planetary types are nine, whereas Ayurvedic types are only three.