Ketu Types

Ketu types are introverted and individualistic to the point of eccentricity. They go their own way and rebel against the social order.Often they debase themselves by following lower social influences. They possess self doubt and even while they go their own way, they are confused about what it really is. They are very sensitive to criticism and react in a strongly defensive manner.

They often suffer from neuromuscular disorders and have a lack of coordination. They are prone to accidents, surgery, or violence and suffer in wars and other mass catastrophes.

Ketu Types

Ketu types are perceptive but their focus is narrow. Their minds are critical, negative and highly discriminating. They tend to be overly serious and are seldom really happy. They are often fixated on the past and may make good historians or archaeologists. They are probing, searching and examining. Once a problem enters their minds they will go over it endlessly until they find an answer. Often they are so doubting that they never arrive at an answer or if one comes, they do not trust it. They are best at obscure research and are able to find the light in darkness, though they may miss the light of day.

Higher Ketu types are yogis (Jnanis) and possess much spiritual knowledge and insight. They see the illusory and transient nature of the world and go their own way regardless of circumstances. They are free of karma and desire. They are able to see through and go beyond the ego. They are a law unto themselves. They may not be recognized or appreciated but they are beyond the praise or blame of the world.