Rahu Types

Rahu and Ketu - karmic significators:

As Rahu and Ketu are not really planets, one may think that planetary types for them do not exist. Yet they can be delineated at least as secondary types.Rahu types are often born near an eclipse of the Sun or Moon or at the time of the new Moon. They are dark in features and mobile, moody and changeable in temperament.

There is a kind of cloud around them, a dark shadow and they have deep-seated psychological problems from the past haunting them. They are a little ghostly in their manners and appearance.

Rahu Types

Rahu types possess very sensitive nervous systems and often suffer from insomnia or nightmares. On a psychic level, they are partly possessed by something, another entity, curses or unfulfilled longings from past lives. While they easily gain psychic, occult and astral sensitivities, it can be dangerous for them. They may become mediums or do channeling but are easily caught by illusion. Their mental control is tenuous at best.

Rahu type women are very clinging but at the same time very willful and like to control their men through crying, hysteria or even threats of suicide. They exert a strange fascination over men that proves destructive. They are tempting, strangely fascinating and alluring.

Rahu individuals possess grandiose desires or insatiable cravings, but are incapable of accomplishing ordinary things. When they have success in the world, it is unfulfilling and may cause mental breakdowns or other psychological problems. Their egos are inflated but weak. They are either dominating or dominated. They suffer from a certain vanity and have unrealistic fantasies. Spirituality comes to them only after a great deal of self-examination and learning of self-control.