Mercury Types

Mercury represents the positive side of the air element. Mercury types are very airy, intellectual and nervously sensitive. They are communicative , congenial and compassionate.They are very friendly but tend to be introverted from an excess of thinking. As Mercury is a mutable planet, they often take the physical appearance of the planet strongest to aspect Mercury.

Yet Mercury physical types do exist. They are a little tall or short, thin in build, and generally attractive. Their eyes are often greenish and their skin is a little moist, unlike other air types that tend to be dry. They run on the cool side and often have sensitive lungs. They are susceptible to allergies and hay fever as well as to bronchial disorders. Their digestion is often weak or variable. The heart is sensitive and they are prone to palpitations.

Mercury types possess good prana or life energy, live long, and have a certain glow. They are often athletic and make good runners or basketball players but their endurance is not always high. Often they are athletic when young but shift over to more intellectual pursuits after puberty.

Psychologically, Mercury types possess quick minds, a good sense of information and fluent powers of speech. They are good at languages and at statistics but may get their minds caught in trivia. They are witty and have a good sense of humor. They are helpful, service oriented and often take background or dependent roles. They are good at the mass media and make good moderators and interviewers. They may have powers of acting and are good at imitation.

Mercury types make good secretaries, teachers and writers. With their strong sense of consideration and their desire to create harmony in life, they also make good doctors and nurses. They love nature, particularly plants, and are good at gardening. They have a refined sense of taste usually free of sensuality. They can develop a deep spirituality once they learn to turn their minds inward.

Mercury Types

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