Jupiter Types

Jupiter is the positive side of the water element. Jupiter types possess strong watery constitutions, with good muscles, flesh and fat. All their body tissues are well developed. They tend towards corpulence, mainly later in life, but are seldom much overweight. Their complexion is tinged yellow or golden. They often have great strength and love physical work, exercise and trips into the wilderness.

Generally they are very healthy and long-lived. Their most weak organ is their spleen-pancreas. They suffer mainly from overeating sweet, rich and oily foods. Excessive sugar consumption can lead them to diabetes.

Psychologically, Jupiter types are joyful, jovial and content. They tend to overindulgence or self complacency. They are friendly, generous and enjoy being with people. They have a strong sense of play and enjoyment, yet seldom become vulgar. They are kind and compassionate and always try to be just. Yet their sentiments and ideals may be too grandiose. They love music, enthusiasm and the display of energy. They are more active and athletic than the other watery types.

Jupiter Types

Generally, Jupiter types are highly moral and ethical people and are devoutly religious. However, they tend towards conventionality in their beliefs and do not like to offend anyone. They have a strong devotion, are the most calm of all types and can easily be at peace within themselves. They develop a contemplative or philosophical bent, as they love to find the larger forces at work in life and join the energy of expansion. Their spirit is positive, expansive and helpful. They seldom worry and tend towards over optimism. They have a natural interest in the spiritual life and in promoting higher causes.