Mars Types

Mars represents the negative side of the fire element and its excesses and diseases. While Sun types run hot and dry and maintain a good digestive power,Mars types run hot and wet. They get weakened digestion and easily come down with infectious diseases. They suffer from excess bile and acid. Their blood runs hot and they easily accumulate toxins.

They tend towards disease, particularly of an inflammatory nature. They suffer from excess heat and dampness.Generally, however, Mars types possess strong energy and have periods of very good health. But owing to bad living habits, they periodically suffer from acute diseases. They suffer from overuse of alcohol, cigarettes, meat, hot spices, oily and fried foods, overdrinking and overeating. Anger, jealousy and hatred damage their constitution. Usually the liver is their weakest organ and they tend hepatitis, cirrhosis and herpes.

Mars Types

Mars types are the most prone to injuries, accidents and traumatic diseases, generally from their own rashness or violent behavior. They often have surgeries or even organs removed. Disease comes to them from outside factors; their basic vitality is usually good. Their health problems are thus not so often necessary as due to their own excessive or blind actions.

Physically, Mars types possess moderate build with good muscles. Their complexion tends to be red, with oily skin and they bruise or bleed easily. Their eyes are often red and they tend towards eye diseases. They are sensitive to the sunlight and often wear glasses or sunglasses.

Psychologically, Mars types are perceptive, critical and argumentative. They are aggressive and persistent, bold, daring, rash and adventurous. They often get into arguments and conflicts. They make good debaters, speakers, and lawyers. Their sense of logic is strong but often follows their anger more than a real sense of justice. They love to win and hate to lose. Often they will do anything to win.

Mars types possess a good sense of mechanics and make good scientists, research workers and are good at working with tools and weapons. They need a practical outlet for their energy to prevent it from going to excess.

Mars types, however, are very loyal to their friends and like to form alliances, though usually as opposed to an external threat. They have strong passions and are very possessive. Their sexual energy is strong but not always refined. They tend to overindulge and burn themselves out.

A higher Mars type exists as well. This is the highly perceptive and self-disciplined yogi. They are ascetics who mortify their bodies and know how to control their minds. They possess a strong will towards transformation and are willing to pay the price for it.

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