Mars Dasa

Dasa Periods of Planets - Mars

Mars Dasa - 7 years

Mars Bukthi - 4 months 27 days

Misunderstandings between brothers and

sisters, superiors in office, quarrel, loss, ill health due to excess heat in the body. When Mars is exalted or in own house or in favorable position gain through landed property or acquisition of house, favorable results in family litigation, purchase of ornaments and other luxury items.

Rahu Bukthi - 1 year 18 days

Royal displeasure, mind going towards evil doings, changing the living place, punishments, loss of cattle, wife, long journey, bad name, fall and injury.

Jupiter Bukthi - 11 months 6 days

Favorable Jupiter indicates pilgrimage, birth of child, promotion, devotion to God. Unfavourable Jupiter indicates loss of brothers, loss of money, failure in undertakings, mental worry.

Saturn Bukthi -1year 1 month 9 days

Loss of wealth, danger in operation, quarrels, fight, court troubles, displeasure in office and loss of position and mental worry and hard period, scarcity of food.

Mercury Bukthi - 11 months 27 days

Mind diverted towards holy activities, favorable results in education or travel, marriage, gain in business, respect in society. When ill- placed the period will be of mental illness, robbery, money through illegal way, bad name.

Kethu Bukthi - 4 months 27 days

Sufferings on account of misunderstandings with brothers or relation or in family, disease due to infection or fire.

Venus Bukthi - 1 year 2 months

Happiness in family, success in matrimonial alliances, religious travels, purchase of property through wife, victory over enemies. When Venus is badly it will give anxiety and mental depression.

Sun Bukthi - 4 months 6 days

Contact with holy persons or saints, mind occupied with religious thoughts, long travel, health of father improves. When Sun is badly placed diseases due to excess heat and mixed events.

Moon Bukthi - 7 months

This is a better period. Profit, good health to children, purchase of ornaments, repairs in the living place. When Mars is the lord of 5 or 9 or 10 when placed in such position with good benefic aspect the Dasa will give good understandings between brother and professional betterment and gain.

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