Rahu Dasa

Dasa Periods of Planets - Rahu

Rahu Dasa - 18 years

Rahu Bukthi - 2 years 8 months 12 days

Mental anxiety, ill health to wife or other

members of family, transfer in the place of work, bad name, poisonous bites, court troubles, leaving home and wandering.

Jupiter Bukthi - 2 years 4 months 24 days

Promotion in job, child birth or marriage, favorable atmosphere in office, good health, pilgimage to holy places, litigations or court troubles are also likely.

Saturn Bukthi - 2year 10 months 6 days

Generally a very unfavorable period, extreme difference of opinion between husband and wife if 7th bava or Venus is also bad, and even divorce, or seperation, diseases due to pains in joints or excess wind, leaving to remote place.

Mercury Bukthi - 2 years 6 months 18 days

Marriage, promotion in the job or expansion of business, new circle of friends etc. In the second part, birth of child, vehicles, enjoyments in life, evil ways in enjoyments and illegal methods of earning.

Kethu Bukthi - 1 year 18 days

This is again a period of strain with disease, ill health due to some poison, wife will become enemy, displeasure with superiors in office, loss of wealth, blame.

Venus Bukthi - 3 years

This will be a better period than others. Purchase of vehicles, wife would be a source of happiness, marriage if unmarried, or child birth, benefits like promotion, or other favor in the office, gain in agricultural holdings and general happiness. Some troubles from enemies and ill health are also likely.

Sun Bukthi - 10 months 24days

Transfer in job or transfer in place of working, disease due to excess heat, changing the place of living, educational achievements and charity, mental worry and uneasiness will aslo prevail.

Moon Bukthi - 1 year 6 months

Condition of health changing, some kind of loss through wife, enjoyments in life, travels, sea travel also likely, financial improvements, gain in lands, death of relatives.

Mars Bukthi - 1 year 18 days

This is a period of test, indicates displeasure with officers, failure in court cases, loss through brothers or cousins, bad habits, severe mental agony and decrease of mental power.

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