Sun Dasa

Dasa Periods of Planets - Sun

Sun - 6 years

Sun Bukthi - 3 months 18 days

This is not so much a favourable period.

Royal displeasure, quarrel in family, ill health, travel, mental uneasiness.

Moon Bukthi 6 months

This is a better period. Promotion in job, expansion of business, new ventures, respect among relations, and if moon is badly placed ill health and danger from water

Mars Bukthi - 4 months 6 days

Mental tension, ill health, litigation, mis-understanding with relations, loss, worry. When in favourable position with beneficial aspect- purchase of property, promotions or appointment.

Rahu Bukthi - 10 months 24 days

When Rahu is in 6, 8, 12 place or combined with evil planet there will be mental worry, loss, failure in undertakings, seperation in family, children affected, food poison etc. When in 10 or 11 Royal favour, extra income, free from disease.

Jupiter Bukthi - 9 months 18 days

When Jupiter is placed in his own house or exalted marriage, benefits from friends and relatives. Increase of wealth, royal favour, promotion in job, contact with saintly persons, pilgrimage to holy places, victory in court cases.

Saturn Bukthi -11 months 12 days

Sicknes to wife and children, loss of money, royal displeasure, transfers in job as punishment, misery, debt.

Mercury Bukthi - 10 months 6 days

Purchase of ornaments and clothes favourable trend in education, expansion of business, marriage, pilgrimage. When Mercury is in bad position 3, 6, 8, 12 or lord of 4 and 7, mental depression, court troubles, scandal, ill health, quarrel, unnecessary travels.

Ketu Bukthi - 4 months 6 days

This is a period when one must be careful. Mental worry, change of residence, family troubles, disease, poison due to insects bitings, headache, misunderstanding among friends. Ketu in 11 with the aspect of Jupiter or Venus, advancement in education name and fame.

Venus Bukthi - 1 year

When Venus is in Trikona or 2nd benefits from women or marriage, Royal favour, promotions, contact with saintly person, mind towards intense prayers, travel to holy places.

When Venus is not in favorable places or combined with evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Saturn, contact with immoral ladies, displeasure in office, or loss in business, court trouble, ill health.

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